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Why do some people cry so much?

Girls cry because they were dumped, a crush said they just want to be friends, their feelings got hurt, they got physically hurt, or in rare cases- they failed their test or s (MORE)

Why do babys cry?

They cry because they don't know of any other way to communicate to you what they want yet. And since we don't always know why they are crying it becomes a hunt to figure out (MORE)

When do babies cry?

  Mostly when something is wrong such as: being hungry, teething, diaper, sleepy, or sometimes they are just crying for no reason. hope this helps you. :)
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Is it normal for a baby to cry for hours after being dropped at day care?

  Oh, of course! Babies are naturally attached to their mothers, and still young, feel unprotected without them. My friend had a baby not too long ago, and even if she goe (MORE)

Why my baby cry?

Maby your baby has colic or is either hungry, needs a change, wants to be held, needs burping, or something else. Sometimes baby's just cry because they want to not because th (MORE)

Why love at all when hurts so much?

That is a very good question, and many people say after they have broken up with someone that they will never love any one else again. In some cases, this can be true, dependi (MORE)

How do babies cry?

baby's cry when there is something thata they are svared of or they pooped in their pants and reasons like that
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What are some reasons for a baby crying?

There are many reasons that a baby might cry. Some reasons that a baby would cry could be if the child is tired or hungry. A baby may also cry if a diaper needs to be change (MORE)