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Is it normal for a baby to cry for hours after being dropped at day care?

Oh, of course! Babies are naturally attached to their mothers, and still young, feel unprotected without them. My friend had a baby not too long ago, and even if she goes to t (MORE)

When girls cry why do boys care so much?

We always care, but we hate to hurt girls hearts, and seeing a girl cry is the best and worst thing on the planet, seeing a girl cry makes me feel terrible inside and want to (MORE)
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How do you make your baby sister stop crying so much?

Make her happy. Give her a lollipop or let her have whatever she wants. But tell her crying isn't right and next time she won't get it. If she is crying about something you c (MORE)
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What are some reasons for a baby crying?

There are many reasons that a baby might cry. Some reasons that a baby would cry could be if the child is tired or hungry. A baby may also cry if a diaper needs to be change (MORE)