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Why do some people call female women a stallion?

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Why are some people call the great?

There are several reasons for calling someone in history "The Great." Sometimes, it refers to a powerful leader who was remembered as the most important or most influential of

Is a male stallion or gelding Arabian horse better than a female mare?

  As breeder, trainer and judge of Arabian horses, I can honestly say that there are great horses of both sexes. The stallion or gelding usually are a bit stronger when it

What do people call male and female bears?

Males are boars and females sows.

Is there a rule as to how female Muslim women dress?

Yes, actually the Muslim woman (muslimah) has to follow a dress code. The hijab to put on the headscarf to cover her hair and her whole body in loose-fitting clothes--long sle

Why are some women called tarts?

  Because tarts are fancy little desserts, and women who are "all tarted up," are "fancy" women -- i.e. women with too much makeup and jewelry etc.

Who was the female star in pretty women?

The female star in Pretty Women is Julia Roberts, who in this movie starred alongside Richard Gere. Julia Roberts since Pretty Women has played in multiple movies like, Valent