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Why do some people call female women a stallion?

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What do you call a female stallion?

There's no such thing as a female stallion, because stallion by itself means a male horse and any of its species. A female horse is called MARE and any of its species like zeb

Is a stallion a female or male horse?

A Stallion is a male horse. He would be three or older and would  not be neutered (he can have children).

What is a stallion called?

      It is otherwise just called a horse. Or a male horse.

What do you called a young stallion?

A young male Horse is called a Colt though some may call a Colt up to one year and less a "Foal". After its weaned from its mother they are often called a "Weanling". Afte

What you call a female stallion?

that doesn't make any sense at all because a stallion is a male horse and a female horse is a mare. that would be like saying 'what do you call a girl boy!!!!'

What is the name of a female stallion horse?

There is no such thing as a female stallion. The names for horses according to their age and gender goes as follows: Foal: girl or boy baby horse Filly: girl horse under 5 yea
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What is a female stallion?

An adult male horse is a stallion. An adult female horse is a mare . A stallion is a 4 yr or older male horse. A mare is a 4 yr or older female horse. A colt is a 3 yr or you