Why do some people spell CMMI with the last letter lowercase?

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What is CMMi?

CMMI stands for Capability Maturity Model Integration. It is a model for IT and ITES organizations. CMMI contains 5 levels. They are Initial, Managed, Defined, Quantitatively Managed and Optimizing. All the levels except the Initial level, contains several Key Process Areas. And all the Key Process (MORE)

Why is there a bad spell on some people?

It can feel that way, can't it? There are no bad spells, but we understand that people from some cultures strongly believe that there are. If you allow yourself to believe that spells are involved in how friendships and relationships develop, you will develop great skill at interpreting whatever (MORE)

How do you spell people?

That is the correct spelling of the word "people" (humans). People is the correct spelling. The likely word is people (more than one person; populace, tribe, ethnic group).

How do you spell Galileo's last name?

Galileo Galilei was born on Feb 15, 1564, died Jan. 1642. He was a Tuscan (Italy) physicist, astronomer, and mathematician who played a large role in the scientific revolution. For one thing, he said the earth revolved around the sun. He discovered the four largest moons of Jupiter, improved the t (MORE)

Explain why some elements have one capital letter and others have a capital letter and one or two lowercase letters?

All elements have a capital letter.... often taken from the first letter of their name in Latin. Some only needed one letter because there was no confusion when they were being written.... Hydrogen was the only H at first, then when Helium was discovered the custom was that H stood for Hydrogen so i (MORE)

Who are some famous people whose last names begin with the letter J?

Here are some famous people whose last names begin with the letterJ: . Allan Jackson . Bruce Jennings . Craig Jennings . Elton John . Florence Griffiths-Joyner (Flo-jo) . James Earl Jones . Janet Jackson . Jesse Jackson . Joan Jett . Joe Jonas . Kareem Abdul Jabar . Kevin Jonas . Magic (MORE)

Why did people change the spelling of their last name during the Holocaust?

Most people did not change their names. However, some refugees from Germany in Britain and the U.S. adopted English names ... In those days there less tolerance of cultural diversity and there was a lot of pressure on newly arrived immigrants to become 100% American or British. It was widely conside (MORE)

What are some everyday words that people can't spell?

Some that I see on a daily basis are: dose instead of does alot or allot instead of a lot pregnent instead of pregnant were instead of where your instead of you're definite instead of definite it's instead of its their instead of there there instead of their too instead (MORE)

What is lowercase character?

This is an line of upper case characters:- ABCDEFGHJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ This is a line of lowercase characters:- abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz The term comes form the days when print was set a character at a time by hand. The lead stamps for each character were set out in trays so that the type (MORE)

Who are some famous people whose last name start with a letter p?

Chad Pennington, NFL QB . Elvis Presley . Lisa Marie Presley . Prisila Presley . Scottie Pippen, Chicago Bulls star, retired . Albert Pujols. St. Louis Cardinals first baseman and super slugger, 6X All Star . Sean Penn . Katy Perry . Bernadette Peters . Sidney Portier . Arnold Palmer . Co (MORE)

Why does a Punnett square use capital and lowercase letters?

The capital letters refer to the dominant gene or trait. The lower case letters are the recessive one, which means it is not as prominent in the new offspring when the two letters are combined. For example, the right handed trait would be the dominant one and would be a capital letter on the Punnett (MORE)

Who are some famous people with last names that begin with the letter e?

Dale Earnhardt (racecar driver), John Elway (football), PhilEsposito (hockey), Julius Erving (basketball), Chris Evert (tennis)and Patrick Ewing (basketball) are famous athletes. Thomas Edisonis a famous inventor. Dwight D. Eisenhower was U.S. President. DukeEllington is a famous bandleader. Ralph W (MORE)

Who are some people with last name that begins with letter H?

· Gene Hackman (actor) · Harvey Haddix (baseball) · Larry Hagman (actor) · Alex Haley (author, "Roots") · Bill Haley (music entertainer) · Alexander Hamilton (United States founding father) · Dorothy Hamill (figure skating champion) · Lionel Hampton (musician, (MORE)

Who are some famous people whose last names start with the letter A?

Hank Aaron . Paula Abdul, former American Idol judge, dancer, singer . Dan Abrams, NBC News, legal analyst . Ansel Adams, artist . Bryan Adams, (80's pop star) . Troy Aikman, retired NFL QB, Cowboys . Alan Alda, actor . Buzz Aldren, US astronaut . Mohammad Ali, boxing champion . Marcus Alle (MORE)

Why is the second letter written in the lowercase?

the second letter is lowercase because the old emperor Augustus named his son lowercasius, and then said that any word will have the first letter only in capital. and since then people have adapted this rule and changed it slightly so now you can only have a capital at the name of something and at t (MORE)

How do you turn text that is all in capital letters to lowercase?

In Microsoft Office Words 2007 (and probably others like it) . Go to the home tab and look below the font size. . Below, you should see the icon "Aa" with an arrow opening the options. . Click on that icon and you can decide if you want to lowercase everything selected, capitalize the first let (MORE)

What are some famous people last names that b egin with the letters A-Z?

· Neil Armstrong (astronaut) · Lucille Ball (comic actress) · Johnny Cash (singer) · Dizzy Dean (baseball) · Albert Einstein (physicist) · Anne Frank (Holocaust victim) · Lou Gehrig (baseball) · Ernest Hemingway (author) · Allen Iverson (basketball)  (MORE)

Why when you press the caps lock button it gives me lowercase letters?

I wonder why... It must be a mystery! . Your computer has either been hijacked by the person right behind you (that tall guy that always follows you around at the grocery store), or YOU HAVE ALWAYS HAD CAPS LOCK ON LIKE THIS. It is probably because of the person behind you though, because he has (MORE)

What would be some of the peoples last words?

People's last words before passing will always depend on the person and who they are around. Some of the last words that most prisioners use are love, family, sorry, as well as God.