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Why do some rocks have crystles and other don't?

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Why do some farts stink but others don't?

it all depends on what you eat that day. The heather the food the none smell you get. If you happen to eat alot of junk then your farts WILL stink. What about beans huh. and

Are some rocks harder than other rocks?

Absolutely, based on the hardness of the minerals that compose them.

Why do some people see ghosts and other people don't?

No one actually sees ghosts. There are several reasons people say they do. These include lying, visual and auditory pareidolia, mistakes, hallucinating and hoaxing among other

How come some things conduct electricity and others don't?

How well something conducts electricity depends on its charge and how freely the electrons can move in it, for example, electricity will typically ignore humans in order to fl

Why do some males have a lot of pre-ejaculate and others don't?

  Some masturbate and have sex more often than others (the ones with less sperm). And others, dont have sex as often, thus causing them to have more sperm than the other.

Why do some rocks bend while other rocks break?

This depends on the confining pressure, the temperature and the strain rate applied to the rock mass. In general, the lower the rate of strain, the more likely ductile or pl

Why do some planets have moons but others don't?

Some planets have moons because space dust or gases were stuck in the gravitational pull of a planet, and eventually built up together to form small planet-like formations we