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Why do today's parents do not understand what a teenagers life is all about?

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I hv a debate in school i want to ask where can i get good written matter on the topic today's teenager more worldlywise than their parents?

It is most likely that today's parents spell better than their children, and in the day and age of spell check, it is unimaginable that anyone would have such a problem with s

What is teenage parenting?

it is when you are a teenager and you are experiencing having a baby and you have the baby and you have to look after it Teenage parenting is when stupid teenagers have no eci

What is teenage parents?

  Teenage parents are teenagers who have a baby. This means that they have had sex and the girl has given birth. Unfortunately, the percentage of teenage parents in Americ

Are today's teenagers unhealthy?

in comparison to 20 years ago, they are NOT as healthy, however, if a teen gets plenty of good food and excersise and rest then , the teen is very healthy. Culture and environ

How does a parent deal with a know it all teenage son?

Provide the child with a "no you don't know it all" situation. A challenge always makes someone see things clearer! Set boundries, first of all. If there pre-teen or in their

Life love and friendship are all common but difficult to understand why?

Fear, insecurity, lack of honesty, with other people and ourselves, egos, jealousy. If a person is honest with themselves and other people it can be easier. Most people can't

How do you guide for today's teenage girls?

I'd say that more important for a teen girl than any sage words of wisdom, grounding, or STD statistics is to be an example. If she she has a clear role model, or is even surr