Why do today's parents do not understand what a teenagers life is all about?

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Why do parents sometimes not understand their children?

Answer . Answer . This is not the type of question that can be answered with a simple statement. Questions regarding human behavior require a lot of clinical data before making a rational assessment of the particular situation.. Human emotions and related behavior cannot be summarized in a few (MORE)

Why sign over all parental rights because your teenage kids want you too?

Answer . Well, I am a Grandmother with an 18 year old granddaughter living with me. She came to live with me when she was 15. She lived with her dad and her stepmother. This was a very real case of Cinderella. My granddaughter was on restriction, literally 9 months out of the year. And while she (MORE)

Do parents understand children?

Most parents do understand their children. They were, after all, children once themselves. Unfortunately, adults sometimes forget what it was like to be a child and expect more from their children than they are mature enough to handle.

I hv a debate in school i want to ask where can i get good written matter on the topic today's teenager more worldlywise than their parents?

It is most likely that today's parents spell better than their children, and in the day and age of spell check, it is unimaginable that anyone would have such a problem with spelling and grammatical errors. Worldly is considered to be a form of wisdom and it is a frustration for both young and old t (MORE)

What is teenage parenting?

it is when you are a teenager and you are experiencing having a baby and you have the baby and you have to look after it Teenage parenting is when stupid teenagers have no ecitment in their life and go ahead and have sex then there comes your baby and then you gotta handle high school homework and (MORE)

What is teenage parents?

Teenage parents are teenagers who have a baby. This means that they have had sex and the girl has given birth. Unfortunately, the percentage of teenage parents in America is growing.

Will you ever be able to understand your teenagers?

yes as soon as you understand that they are experiencing the same growth and changes we are/have to by letting go a little (we tend to hold on to what WE DID and probably got away with)and what could happen,at this point of parenting we are also transitioning

What is teenage life?

The use of the term "teen or teenager" did not happen until 1939. Today a "teen" is a person 13-18 years old although we often refer to a "teen" as 19 or 20. Since 18 is the age of consent and adulthood I would not call a person 18 a teen.

Are today's teenagers unhealthy?

in comparison to 20 years ago, they are NOT as healthy, however, if a teen gets plenty of good food and excersise and rest then , the teen is very healthy. Culture and environments changes over time, people lived to the ripe old age of 45 to 50 200 years ago, with the medicines of today we can live (MORE)

Why are teenage boys so hard to understand?

In my opinin, teenage boys have more hormonal issues than the average female. It always seems to be that when a girl is ragging, their boyfriend is a jerk. Some parts of this make no sense what so ever. Any more suggestions

Why parents do not understand us?

The adult world is so overwhelming that adults often forget how younger generations think. Morals are different, priorities are quite shifted, and adults have been disconnected from youth society for so long they don't remember what it is like to be young; unless you insist they try to remember when (MORE)

Teenage parents do they make good parents?

In the United States on average 50 percent of marriages end up in divorce. When teenagers marry the average is closer to 70 percent. I bring those figures up because one of the most important things for a child to develop to their full potential is a stable home life with a father and mother. You wo (MORE)

Do all teenagers go through the life sucks and I want to die phase?

yeah pretty much all teens do. being a teen isn't really as good as everyone makes it seem more and more teens these days are being treated for depression. there is a lot of pressure put on the teens these days and its almost an overload but another reason teens go through the whole life sucks and i (MORE)

How does a parent deal with a know it all teenage son?

Provide the child with a "no you don't know it all" situation. A challenge always makes someone see things clearer! Set boundries, first of all. If there pre-teen or in their teens. St and be consistent with the boundries you set. Make sure they know it's for their best intrest and that you love t (MORE)

Can a teenager choose a parent if that parent signed over rights when the child was a baby but is now in that child's life?

If you are living with adoptive parents but would rather live with a biological parent, I would suggest that you talk to your adoptive parents about it and see if some agreement can be reached. As a teenager you are old enough to be ready to at least start making your own decisions about how you wa (MORE)

Why are teenagers hard to understand?

teenagers are hard to understand because their going through a stage in there life were they think moms and dads are imbarrasing, and when parents try to talk to their kids it makes it worse, just wait until there in there later teen years to talk to them.

Why do you have to understand the life cycle to understand projects?

If a project can be compared to the life cycle of a human, then humans need different things during their life. Very basically, as babies we need nurturing, as we grow we are educated, then we can get jobs and then we retire. During each of these cycles our inputs and outputs are different. from a p (MORE)

Do you think your parents really understand you?

Your parents will understand you to a level that you want them to understand you too. If you tell them everything about your life how you fell they should understand you. If you only tell them scrapes of information they are bound not to know them very well. Sometimes a parent may be uninterested bu (MORE)

How does religion affect today's life?

Pretty much the same way it has always affected life . A persons religion or theology affects their decisions and choices. Even a man who claims no belief in God has his own theology. In this case he is his own god making his own choices, while others look to a certain god for wisdom and guidance (MORE)

What are teenagers interested in today's time?

Well I'm a teen and I'm interested in hanging out with my friends, cellphones, computers (in a non-geeky way), fitness and working out, what I eat so I can get skinny, TV definantly. Things like that. I like to cook but that's probably just me. Hope this helped! :D

Is it easier to be a teenager or to be the parent of a teenager?

i would say it would be easier to be the parent of a teenager, because some parents would just leave their kids to do what they want, and have brought them up to be responsible enough to know what is right and what is wrong. teenager because if ur a parent it would be sad 2 leave your kid,:(

Life love and friendship are all common but difficult to understand why?

Fear, insecurity, lack of honesty, with other people and ourselves, egos, jealousy. If a person is honest with themselves and other people it can be easier. Most people can't be. Look in the mirror and be honest about what you see. Not just the reflection, but who you see. Not pleasant it's true, bu (MORE)

What is the importanc of science in today's life explain?

Science is the accumulated knowledge of how the world works. It is important because the knowledge that we learn from it can be applied to all aspects of life. Science is used to help us understand what is going on around us, improve our own lives, and solve problems.

Does naruto understand who his parents are?

He knows who they are after talking to his father and mother. He talks to his father when he fights Pein and he talks to his mother when he tries to take control of the nine tails inside of him.

Rights for the parents of a teenage mother?

The greatest right you could exercise is the placement of her in a Home for Unwed Mothers until she is an adult. Yes, they still exist. We have one here in Kansas City. Beyond that, she still is a minor and thus under your authority. As for the child, that is a shadowy area as state laws do not s (MORE)

How do you guide for today's teenage girls?

I'd say that more important for a teen girl than any sage words of wisdom, grounding, or STD statistics is to be an example. If she she has a clear role model, or is even surrounded by good women, she'll want to embody that. Also, treat her respectfully and always have an open window of communicatio (MORE)

How many teenagers have problems with their parents?

All teenagers have problems with their parents, it is just a matter of degree. Some teenagers have major clashes with their parents while others just find their parents annoying. It is normal. It is exactly what teenagers are supposed to be doing. They are finding their place in the world and part o (MORE)

How is a teenager life?

A teenagers life is full of ups and downs, hopes and dreams, boys, break-ups, pier pressure, mood swings, parties, friends, socialising. To some this is the best part of your life. To others its the worst.

How do you get your parents to understand you have dyslexia?

Ok i asked the question, and I'm just gonna expand on that. I have dyslexia. Its pretty mild which i think is MORE of a problem. My parents are aware o it but don't pay attention to it. So if i get a bad grade or something, they blame ALL me and not one of these problems: I'm near sighted(can't see (MORE)

How is the life of a civil servant in today's world?

The civil servants in hong kong who are working for the government more than 10 years have more welfare than civil servants who just get their job. Civil servants have a stable job as they can't be fired. They also have a high pay.

Why parents don't understand their children's?

Answer This is not the type of question that can be answered with a simple statement. Questions regarding human behavior require a lot of clinical data before making a rational assessment of the particular situation. Human emotions and related behavior cannot be summarized in a few paragraphs of (MORE)

How do you make your parents understand you?

Talk to them at a time when everyone is rested and relaxed. Saturday morning? In real life, people aren't always going to agree with you, but perhaps you can get better information to work with.

What do you do when your parents don't understand you and you are 9?

Just go with the flow. If your parents really don't understand you and you are very annoyed... Then just explain to them that they don't understand you and everything you are going through... They would probably understand then because they probably also went through the same thing when they were yo (MORE)

How do you make you're parents understand you?

Just speak to them calmly. Get all your facts straight for your case, and present them logically and in a good order. Plus, do not get upset if they do not give you the answer you want. If you say you understand, you are more likely to get more freedom in the future! Also, be as honest as you can wi (MORE)

How are today's teenagers pressured to be sexually active?

I think teenagers today are pressured to be sexually active in many ways. The media like TV shows, movies, and music videos have a huge influence on today's youth. Media such as these have been promoting different types of sexuality in many ways, such as sex scenes in movies, the way celebrities in (MORE)