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Why do we need involuntary muscles?

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What are involuntary muscles?

Involutary muscles are muscles that you can not control. Examples are smooth muscle (in the esophagus, iris, intestines, etc) and cardiac muscle.

What muscle is involuntary?

The cardiac and smooth muscles are involuntary. The cardiac is found only in the heart and the smooth muscles are found mostly inside the walls of organs.

Which muscle is involuntary?

The heart. Even if all nervous connections are severed, the heart will beat until the tissues die from lack of oxygen. The skeletal muscles are also involuntary. :)

What does involuntary muscle do?

  We all know that muscles can help us to do something specially when it comes to work. it is one of the human system that can help brain to controll each part of our body

How are voluntary muscles from involuntary muscles?

Voluntary muscles are the ones you can control with your mind and  the involuntary ones you cannot control, they do their jobs  automantically.