Why do you have titanium inside us?

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What is titanium used for?

Jewelry, golf clubs, aircraft parts, and wherever a fairly lightweight, melt resistant metal is required. . It is used to make aircraft parts, light bulb filaments andmountain climbing pitons... Also it is used in military applications, aircraft, spacecraft,medical devices, connecting rods on expe (MORE)

What are the main uses of titanium?

Titanium (titanium metal, titanium alloy) tensile strength is up to 180kg/mm2. Titanium has good heat-resistant strength, low temperature toughness and fracture toughness, so widely used in producing many parts for aircraft engines and rockets, missiles, structural parts. Titanium can be made into t (MORE)

What is titaniums uses?

Titanium is a medical metal which you get if you have e.g Broken your arm it is a titanium metal rod :)

Is titanium used on tanks armor?

No. Titanium costs approximately 10 times more than steel and titanium is only lighter that steel. You actually will need more titanium than steel for armor (strength to size issue). Tanks don't have problem with heavy armor so weight is not an issue for them.

How is titanium Useful?

Titanium is useful in many ways. Mostly because it is used to make very helpful things such as joints, aircraft parts, diving knives ect. Titanium can also be used to make alloys of other metals. Because titanium is a lightweight, strong substance, it is more wanted to be used.

What is titanium dioxide commonly used for?

Titanium dioxide (TiO2 ) pigments are white inorganic pigments used primarily in the production of paints, printing inks, paper and plastic products. TiO2 is also used in many white or coloured products including foods, cosmetics, UV skin protection products, ceramics, fibres, rubber products and mo (MORE)

What are some uses of titanium?

Jewelry, golf clubs, aircraft parts, and wherever a fairly lightweight, melt resistant metal is required. it is also used for tooth implant and hip & knee joints since it is unreactive,harmless. and for pipes in factories since its unreactive resists corrosion and easily bent,and malleable and d (MORE)

Why is titanium used in bike frames?

Because it is very strong and light. Yes. It is very strong, rustproof, and light. Titanium density : 4.52g/cm3. Titanium Grade 5 (Ti-6Al4V) Fasteners are popular in the industry of racing motorcycle and cars for its high tensile strength and lightness, it is mainly used in racing car, moto (MORE)

How is titanium used today?

Oxygen . Titanium is thought to attract oxygen. When held against the skin in the form of a bracelet, this metal is believed to pull that oxygen into the area that is inflamed or is pain. The excess oxygen is relives the pain and inflammation. This is one reason why arthritics wear the bracelets (MORE)

Where is titanium used?

Titanium has many uses. Most often tho, due to excellent resistance to sea water, it is used to make propeller shafts and rigging and in the heat exchangers of desalination plants.

What is titanium and why is it useful?

Titanium is an element found in common ore minerals. It's lowdensity (not that heavy) and durability make it useful in carparts, sports equipment, aircraft, and many other things.

What medical use is titanium?

Titanium is used to replace bone in the skull, join bones, even medical tools. It is usefull because it is strong and not feromagnetic.

How was titanium used?

Titanium is used in golf club shafts, hip or knee prostheses because it is a nontoxic durable metallic element found in the earth.

What are some of the uses of titanium?

Its mostly used for aircraft engines, because of their extreme resistance to high temperatures and corrosion. It's also very lightweight. Its mostly used for aircraft engines, because of their extreme resistance to high temperatures and corrosion. It's also very lightweight. Titanium is the only me (MORE)

What is titanium in cameras used for?

It is fabricated to form the body of some models of Nikon, etc. being an element- it is lighter but stronger-for-equivalent weight than steel; and heftier and more rugged than aluminum, obviously, look for a (Titanic) price tag, this stuff is not cheap.

Is titanium often used in jewelry?

Yes it is. One disadvantage of it is that it can't be cut. If you have a ring made of titanium you can't size it. An advantage of it is that it doesn't dent, scratch, or bend and stays shiny.

What are uses for titanium?

This question is pretty easy to answer so I will give this website for you to check out. http://web-o-rama.net/titanium/1uses.html Principal uses are as an aerospace metal and as a construction material in certain chemical processes. It is increasingly used in the biomedical field.

Uses and reasons of using titanium?

Uses 1) where high corrosion resistance is required, for instance in the case of tanks or reactors handling strong acids or alkalis, anodes etc. 2) safe application to humans, for instance titanium joint pieces in prosthetics and arthetics, provided in place of bones 3) High strength to weight ratio (MORE)

Where can titanium be used?

Titanium can be used in replacement joints. Titanium is a high strength material with a low weight. Price is a factor that eliminates its widespread use. It is used in the space industry and is even used for lightweight camping equipment.

What are the medical uses of titanium?

Well Titanium is an ultra light alloy and is available in various grades for various purposes. In the medical end, titanium (generally grade 23 or better) is used for hip replacements, ball and socket joint replacements, it is also used for screws pins and plates that are intended to be left inside (MORE)

What was titanium used for in the year of 1791?

In 1791 Titanium was not yet used for anything by man. In that year amateur geologist and pastor William Gregor first discovered the substance in a sample of black sand by a stream near Cromwell, England. German chemist Martin Heinrich Klaproth rediscovered the substance independently in 1795 and wa (MORE)

Is titanium used in making aircraft?

Yes, especially military aircraft. Civil aircraft have a fuselage made of an aluminum alloy. However, parts of the aircraft are still made from titanium.

Is titanium used in nuclear weapons?

Titanium is a super strong light weight material normally used in aircraft. it makes things more scratch/damage resistant and ina bomb would probally affect the explosion and cost to much to make. id be suprised if they use mroe than lead/steel mix (lead to contain radioactive material). odds are yo (MORE)

Who uses titanium?

Titanium metal is used for alloys with with aluminium, molybdenum,manganese, iron, and other metals. These alloys of titanium areused principally in the aerospace industry, for both airframes andengines, where lightweight strength and ability to withstandextremes of temperature are important. Titani (MORE)

Is nickel used as a titanium alloy?

There are nickel-base superalloys and titanium-base alloys that are used for similar applications, usually in gas turbines. The two types of alloys are quite distinct, but may be used nearly interchangeably for certain applications. I hope this clears any confusion you may have.

Why do you use titanium for wedding rings?

Titanium is completely hypoallergenic so it will not affect the skin of the wearer. It is also very lightweight but stronger than steel, so will not wear away or break. It's strength means it will stand up to lots of abuse without bending out of round. It can also take on color by applying voltage t (MORE)

Why titanium used in airplanes?

Firstly, the question should be phrased, why is titanium used in airplanes? Secondly, titanium is used for aircrafts as it is as strong as steel and yet as half as light. This is perfect for planes as less fuel is needed in order to get the craft in the air and it is unlikely to break as the metal (MORE)

What is the commercial use of titanium?

In 1995 an estimated 65 percent of the titanium metal produced in the United States was used in aerospace applications. The remaining 35 percent was used in the chemical processing industry.

What is titanium and why is useful?

Titanium is one of the strongest metals. It is use full so that if you are pretending to play a war game, you can pretend to use it so you don't die and the titanium doesn't get damaged.

What are the usefulness of titanium?

Titanium is one of the strongest metals and is lightweight so it is very useful. They are used in Tennis rackets for its lightness and strongness

What are some uses of titanium implants?

Titanium is a chemical element with the symbol Ti and atomic number 22. Its most common compound, titanium dioxide, is a popular photocatalyst and is used in the manufacture of white pigments.

Is titanium used for weapons?

No, because titanium is relatively rare. If anything, they're beingused for aircraft next to aluminum (aluminium). Titanium is as strong as steel and a lot lighter, but it's tooexpensive to use in large quantities. It is used in aircraft wherestrength and lightness is needed and the cost is not an (MORE)