Why do you need a wide zoom lens?

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What is zoom wide?

Any lens which is wider than about 28mm all the way upto 10mm is called a wide angle. However, some lens manufacturers will add some zoom capability to their lens, e.g., 10mm

What is the best zoom lens for Nikon camera?

There is no single answer to this question unless you say more about what you mean by "best"; do you mean the best possible quality, the lightest, the biggest range, widest or

What is a good zoom lens for Nikon d300?

It does depend on what kind of photography you want to do; if you want to do sports photography then you need a quite different lens from a landscape or portrait photographer.

What is a zoom lens?

A zoom lens is a lens of a camera which contains a mechanicalassembly of inner lenses, which allow the focal length of thecamera to be rapidly altered.

What is the difference between a telephoto and zoom lens?

A telephoto lens is a camera lens that is typically used for takingphotographs of subjects that are a distance away such as alandscape. They are also used for subjects that th

Does zoom lens work as wide angle and teleview lens?

It depends on the range of the zoom, the size of the film format, and to some degree, the opinion of the photographer. For 35mm cameras, 50mm is considered "normal", and any l

What is the best Nikon zoom camera lens?

dependant on your application. I have shot with a variety of Nikon zooms and find that for sports and low light the AS-F 70-200mm 2.8 VR is about the best there is. However if

What is the wide angle range of zoom lens?

On a digital SLR camera, anything less than about 32 mm (50 mm for a 35 mm film camera). The focal length of a wide angle lens varies depending on the size of the negative or

Can you get a zoom lens for your digital camera?

It depends on the camera. If it has detachable lenses, there should be a variety of zoom lenses available. Vivitar and Sigma are good manufacturers, and of course your camera

Camera zoom lens was invented in..?

digital cameras --------------------------------------- Zooms have been around a Lot longer than digital cameras, but it wasn't until the mid '70's that computers were used
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What is the best canon zoom camera lens?

The Canon EF 70-300mm DO IS USM Lens is (arguably) the best Canon EF lens available. It has a focal length of 70-300mm which is excellent for sports and wildlife photography.
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Which is a better lens Telephoto or zoom?

A "zoom" lens just means that the lens can change its length (e.g. 18-55, or 80-200mm). A telephoto lens is one that make objects look significantly "closer" than they really
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What do you do if the zoom lens gets stuck?

ok, so if u mean its stuck half way, like when u turn it on and its getting into focus and stuff, then this is what i did. this seriously JUST happened to me and i was freakin

What's the difference between a varifocal lens and a zoom lens?

Both varifocal and zoom lenses are built with movable elements that permit changing the effective focal length. A lens might be specified as 3.5-8mm or 6.5-52 mm, meaning the