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Why do you think fascism as described by Mussolini appealed to many Italians at this time?

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How did Italian dictator Mussolini keep Italians from criticizing his government?

Mussolini's black shirts and secret police informed on everyone and  enforced his rule. Opponents were often arrested, or pubilcly  humiliated as examples to scare others in

What did Mussolini believe in?

Fascism - which is pretty similar to Nazism, since it involves conquering other countries, a strongly militant society, mixed economic policy and dictatorship. Unlike Hitler,

What were fascism goals?

  Fascism strives for strength, order, efficiency, and a crime-free society, but it is done at the cost of freedom, creativity, and individual rights.

Was Mussolini a communist?

No. He was a Fascist, which has similar ideologies with Nazi Germany. The Italians hated the Communists and feared them taking over their country.

What factors led to rise of fascism in Italy?

Short answer is Italy expected huge territorial gains and economic benefit for switching sides in World War One. The Italians suffered huge losses but was bankrupted by World

How did Mussolini die?

Based on the US History text book: Most Italians didn't support Mussolini and didn't believe in Mussolini's leadership anymore, that's why people hated him; He was also arrest

What was it about Benito Mussolini's method of government and Fascism that appealed to the Germans?

First,Its very important to understand that Mussolini was very envious and jealous of Hitlers success as a politician and later as a conquerer. Second, Benito and Hitler share

What was Benito Mussolini arrested for?

In October Mussolini ordered an attack on Greece, which resulted in the lost of 1/3 of Albania until Hitler assisted in the attack on Greece. In June of 1941 Mussolini then de