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Why do you think fascism as described by Mussolini appealed to many Italians at this time?

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Who did Mussolini's fascism appeal to?

Italian socialists who differed with the main-line Socialist Party's anti-war (WWI) stance as well as hard-line nationalists. Also, many Fascists were war veterans. Fascism wa

Why did Mussolini create fascism how did he come to power?

The conception of the State is the foundation of Fascism. The  authoritarian state works through mass mobilization of the nation  as a community. Mussolini rose to power wit

Why did Fascism appeal to Italians?

There are various arguments as to why fascism appealed to the  Italians. For example, it could be argued that they wanted to  recapture the glory of the Roman Empire.

How did Mussolini appeal to his people?

He had a charming personality, found a way to blame someone (non-Italians) for Italy's economic problems, and promised to get rid of the Treaty of Versailles, which many peopl

Why were Italians attracted to fascism in the 1920s?

Italians supported fascism because it promoted Italian nationalism  and the expansion of Italian territories. They wanted to restore  Italy to the place of prominence it hel

What was the ideological basis of Italian fascism?

Followers of Italian Fascism identified their ideology with the  Roman Empire, ancient Rome and Julius Caesar. He was a role model  for the Fascists because he led a revolut

Why did Mussolini government appeal to Italians?

Mussolini used his cult of personality along with the fear of  communism many Italians harbored to gain widespread acceptance of  Fascism. In addition, causing chaos in the

What is the appeal of fascism?

In my opinion, it was a reasonable alternative to monarchies and  communism. It presented a way for a nation to organize in unison  behind one cultural, national identity. Y

Why did fascism appeal to certain groups?

With the Germans, they were looking for groups to blame their  problems on and this was the jews and communists. The people liked  this because they didn't feel as though th

Why did Italians support Mussolini and fascism?

Most Italians were indifferent to Mussolini and fascism. Italy's alliance with Germany and its entry into the Second World War wasn't very popular either. when the Italian kin

What year did Mussolini practice fascism?

Mussolini first described fascism in 1919, and under his ruling the National Fascist Party reigned the Kingdom of Italy from 1922 to 1943. I was talking to one of the girls on