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Why do you think fascism as described by Mussolini appealed to many Italians at this time?

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How did Mussolini appeal to his people?

He had a charming personality, found a way to blame someone (non-Italians) for Italy's economic problems, and promised to get rid of the Treaty of Versailles, which many peopl

How did Benito Mussolini use Fascism and totalitarianism to rule Italy?

Fascism and totalitarianism are based on fear. Mussolini took control of all communications, and his black shirts patrolled the streets. It was a simple but effective system w

What is the appeal of fascism?

In my opinion, it was a reasonable alternative to monarchies and  communism. It presented a way for a nation to organize in unison  behind one cultural, national identity. Y

Why did the Italian people turn on Mussolini?

In 1943 Mussolini was still in control of the Repubblica di Salo' but the war was still going on and it was going to be lost. The few that strongly believed in the fascist ide

What were the differences between Italian Fascism and German Fascism?

  There were a lot of differences (especially in the beginning before Italy became dependent upon their alliance with Germany and changed to be more Nazi-like). In fact, N

What fear added to the appeal of fascism in Italy and Germany?

  the fear of communism--leaders in Germany and Italy had seem what Communism had done to Russia, with the Red Terror and Stalin and everything. They needed a way for the

How did Mussolini use fascism to improve Italy's economy?

Well all in all yes. Yes fascist economics improved the Italian  economy. Fascist economics aren't really radical at all as many  might think. Mussolini aligned himself with

Who did Mussolini's fascism appeal to?

Italian socialists who differed with the main-line Socialist Party's anti-war (WWI) stance as well as hard-line nationalists. Also, many Fascists were war veterans. Fascism wa

What was it about Benito Mussolini's method of government and Fascism that appealed to the Germans?

First,Its very important to understand that Mussolini was very envious and jealous of Hitlers success as a politician and later as a conquerer. Second, Benito and Hitler share

Who was the Successor to Mussolini as Italian Premier?

  Answer   Prime Minister   King Victor Emmanuel had decided to use the Grand Council meeting to remove Mussolini as dictator and replace him with Marshal Pietr