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What are the most popular small businesses in Canada?

From a legal perspective there 4 types of businesses: 1 Sole Proprietorship 2 Partnerships 3 Corporations 4 co-operatives Sole Proprietorship: This is the simplest w

What are the most popular small business ideas?

Nobody wants to share their business ideas with the public until it has started (because otherwise their business would have competition!), but businesses based around Green E

Which business are popular in China?

The most popular business in China are General Motors, Apple, Nike, Starbucks, Microsoft Windows, KFC, Coca Cola, Gillette, and Intel. The main reasons this is important is be

How do small businesses become large businesses?

1. Establish a reputation for integrity. In the corporate world, employees may consider their work to be mere drudgery. Even if you have identified an extremely lucrative oppo

Why do you call a business a small business?

This depends, while you could hardly call a local store a big  business due to the size of jobs created, i mean you have a  shopkeeper and that is it. Whereas if you look at

Where do you get a business license for a small business?

Business licenses are issued by various authorities depending on whether the state has allowed the responsibility to rest at the county seat (or parish seat, or census area se

Why do you think mythological references are popular with sports teams and business today?

One way the ancient Greeks honored their gods was by holding  sporting contests. The largest took place every four years at  Olympia, a city in southern Greece. Held in Hono

Is mall business killing small business?

The proliferation of suburban shopping malls has been known to draw customers away from urban or neighborhood shopping districts and put small stores out of business. However,

Why do small businesses remain small?

Small businesses remain small for different reasons. They are almost always privately owned, some by couples, brothers, father and son, etc "ma and pa" organizations as they u

What are small businesses?

Small businesses are privately owned & operated and generally  have fewer than 100 employees. However, this varies by country and  industry.also the usually have a small cap