How many RBIs did Babe Ruth have?

2nd on all-time RBI list with 2,217 . 3rd on all-time home runlist with 714 . 10th on all-time batting average list with .342 . 1st on all-time Batting % with 0.690 . 2nd (MORE)

Is there a site where you type something and the computer says it out loud?

There are various websites that can convert text to speech, but most of them cost money and don't do as much as the one I like the best, which is called YAKiToMe! http://www.y (MORE)

Which mlb pitcher had the second longest career?

Tommy John at 26 seasons. 1) 1963-1964: Cleveland Indians 2) 1965-1971: Chicago White Sox 3) 1972-1974: Los Angeles Dodgers 4) 1975 - Out of baseball due to surgery (MORE)