Do gay people deserve respect?

Gay people should be treated no differently than anyone else. Ifyou want respect, then treat others with respect. No one has theright to attack or verbally abuse a race, sexua (MORE)

How will women get the respect they deserve?

By acting in a manner befitting respect. Although I know some feminists may disagree, but I do believe that this includes dressing appropriately. Not only that but in your que (MORE)

Why do veterans deserve your respect?

I do not know exactly what a veteran is, but I know it is some one older who has served in the armed forces or military. I give them my respect because he or she is a person w (MORE)

Do old people get the respect they deserve?

It depends on the type of person.If it is a rude careless person then they will probably be disrespectful behind their back.A caring kind person would respectan old person for (MORE)