Why does both Being Human and Skins have American remakes created by the same people who created the original series'?

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How were humans created?

It is impossible to answer this question with an absolute certainty. Science cannot tell us how we were created or where we came from. Different people have different opinions about how or where we came from. There are many theories, most dominant of which are that we were created by a superior bein (MORE)

Why are humans created?

Opinion maybe god get bored and need something to play with? Aswer In the last paragraph, in the book of Revelation, God says He created us ' ...for His pleasure '. It seems that God was tired of being alone in the universe. How long this went on is anyones guess but that degree of lonliness lik (MORE)

How are humans created?

A male and female have sexual intercourse. The male releases sperm into a female vagina which will swim up into her oviduct. If there is an egg there and one of the sperm makes it the sperm will fuse with the egg. The egg will then move down into the uterus and the cell will divide. If all goes well (MORE)

Who created humans and why?

God created human from a thick coagulated blood he has created them so they worship him and get reward at paradise however if human does not worship him and believe that Muhammed is the prophet and act on the important acts and have more good deeds then bad hell will be there home forever.

When were humans created?

Answer According to geneologies and given human lifespans from the Bible, humans were created about 6,000 years ago. According to modern science, modern humans ( Homo sapiens ) first appeared 200,000 years ago, with the earliest humans (the first in the genus Homo ) appearing between 5 and 7 mi (MORE)

Who created human beings?

The Creator God is the only logical answer. DNA is so complex that it could not have come about by random chance evolution (which is just a theory). The theory of evolution requires that organisms obtain increases in genetic information in order to increase in complexity over time. From what is obse (MORE)

Why did gods create human beings?

Gods did not create humans. All other gods are false gods and are not living gods except for Satan who is the god of this system of things, however he is also a spirit creature. There is only one God who created humans and his name Is Jehovah. He is the creator of the entire universe not just humans (MORE)

On what day did god create human beings?

Man was created on the sixth day. (Genesis 1:26-31) Expanded Answer To find this out one must go to God's account of creation week:_ . Gen 1:1, 3, 6, 8-14, 20-23, 26, 31; 2:2-3 (KJV) Gen 1 (v.1) In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth . ... Gen 1 (v.3) And God said, Let (MORE)

Both of your parents are of African-American descent yet black people tell you you are not black because your skin is very light tan?

. In the long run there is no one that can deny that you are what you are and the colour of your skin would have no effect on that. If there are people that have a problem with this then it is their problem not yours . . Also -- as found noted among the people born into any grouping (MORE)

Can science create the perfect human being?

Yes, science can create human being in lab, but no one is assured about this human life whether he/she be a perfect or not. The answer to question is depend on two things. As for normal human being the presence of genes and expression of genes. Presence of gene is regulated by nature and expression (MORE)

Why do human beings create mythology?

This question is perhaps asking: why did human beings "create" God? Mythology is simply the study of religion in ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt, Mayas, Aztecs, etc. These are stories that were meant to explain their understanding of God. You may even dare to say these stories were "divinely inspired" b (MORE)

How was humanity created?

By the awesome God of the universe who thoughtful enough to createus! He made us out of the dust, and from that formed humanity!

How was the first human being created?

If you looking for scientific answer, then no one can answer this question. scientifically the birth of the first man is impossible. so there must be someone with great powers. He or She would have created us

Who created humanism?

Humanism philosophy was created in the last decade of the 14thcentury by a man named Francesco Petrarca who was a scholarand felt like the church was in too much control over the peopleduring the time. Humanism was created so people could break offfrom the church and so people could reach their fu (MORE)

What makes human being different from other created being?

I differ on the opinion of being created, but still if we were all created the answer to your question is still the same. Humans are different because we have the great advantage of analytic problemsolving. We are from birth not "hardwired" to do any specific things. (Maybe except for eating, pooin (MORE)

Who was with God when He created human beings?

Some other answers from our community: The underlying supposition, namely that someone or something couldbe with God is a violation of the theologies of all three majormonotheistic faiths. Judaism: The Second Line of the Yigdal prayer (seen as codifyingmuch of Jewish belief like the Nicene Creed (MORE)

When first human being evolved or created?

Humanity, like all other life, evolved in a slow process. We were descended from ape-like creatures, as primates, and eventually developed the features we attribute to being human. This happened roughly 2 million years ago.

Were human beings created by God or through evolution?

Opinion Humans were created directly by God. The theory ofevolution is severely flawed and despite widespread acceptance,does not provide an adequate answer to the question of humanexistence. There is no direct proof for either, but some scientistsdo believe the evidence points more to divine creati (MORE)

Did God create human beings before Adam and Eve?

no he didn't they were made then the devil tempted them to eat a poison apple. Additional though t: As indicated above, Adam and Eve were the first man and woman on earth, according to the Bible. After creating all the animals, God created the first man, Adam, out of the 'dust of the ground' (G (MORE)

Why do humans create?

all animals create in one sense or another, be it a bird creating a nest or a spider creating a web. humans create because it is a evolutionary advantage to our species to be creative, and its also fun :)

Why do people create the stereotypes about cartoons being for kids?

i think those may be thrown in for the parent whos watching along with their children. for their enjoyment. as if to laugh because they know their kids don't get it. that's just my guess :) oh wait haha that's not what you mean. probobly because mostly kids watch them

Why did God create human beings?

Another answer from our community: In the very 1st chapter of the 1st book of the Bible it says, 'SoGod created man in His own image; in the image of God He createdhim, male and female He created them.' (Genesis 1:27) It means thatboth man and woman reflect God - we are like God in some waysbecaus (MORE)

What do you think creates or causes the human need to explore the origins of the universe and humankind?

God has put a spirit in man that gives us mind power. We know we know and this is something no other creature has. This mind power enables mankind to wonder, imagine, strive to know, to conquer physical limitations, to explore, to ask, and to search out our beginnings, our creator. Why and how are d (MORE)

How did God created all things including human beings?

According to the bible and the book of Genesis , God did make or create everything on earth and in the universe by command.. But when he had to create man he had to dirty his fingers, as Adam was made from the dust of the ground., and Eve was made from Adams ribs.

How does victor Frankenstein go about creating a human being?

Victor Frankenstein's life story is at the heart of Frankenstein. He learns about modern science & masters all that his professors have to teach him. He becomes fascinated with the "secret of life," discovers it, and brings a hideous monster to life.

Why American people have white skin?

Actually, being American does not mean one is necessarily "white". American is a nationality and not an ethnicity, as some may think. This is because the US is in North America, which was populated by the Native Americans before Europeans migrated there. The majority of the US is European (or "white (MORE)

How God created human being as sexual being?

Humanity, while being spiritual "in the image of God" sense (having intellect and a soul), is also among those of the animal kingdom on earth. All living things on earth must be able to procreate, and it is for this reason that all animals share the same sexual organs in order to have offspring. Wit (MORE)

How did God feel when human being when they were created?

He felt happy because He created them in His image. Additional Comment: Genesis 1:29-31 New King James Version (NKJV) 29 And God said, "See, I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shal (MORE)

Were men and women originally created by God as extremely intelligent beings?

Other answers from the WikiAnswers community: Opinion . Man was not created by God. We evolved naturally from earlierspecies. . Certainly we are the most intelligent beings alive, but whetherwe should exalt ourselves as "extremely intelligent" is anothermatter. Perhaps we should wait until we (MORE)

Was the human race originally created perfect?

A: An answer from the Bible is that since Adam and Eve sinned inGenesis 3, and since Cain sinned in Genesis 4, we can not say theywere created morally perfect. Nor is there biblical evidence thatthey were created physically perfect, except that the Book ofGenesis attributes remarkably long lifespan (MORE)