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Why does exhaled air have a different concentration of carbon dioxide than classroom air or air near a plant?

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Why would exhaled air or air near a fern plant have a different concentration of carbon dioxide than classroom air?

  Air is altered by respiration (in animals) and photosynthesis (in plants).   When humans breathe in classroom air, its contains about 21% oxygen and 0.03% carbon diox

Why is there more carbon dioxide in exhaled air than in inhaled air?

There is more Carbon Dioxide (CO2) when we breathe out because some of the Oxygen (O2) is absorbed into the blood via the lungs, and CO2 is removed from the blood, into the lu

Why does exhaled air contains more carbon dioxide than inhaled air?

Carbon dioxide is an end product of the matabolism in humans and other higher animals. Sugars, fats and amino acids are broken down to produce energy for the body and carbon d

Why does inhaled air contains less carbon dioxide than exhaled air?

When we inhaled, we use the oxygen in the air to send to the organs in our body, in order to stay alive. When all the oxygen stored in a red blood cell is used up, our bodies

Why are there differences in the oxygen and carbon dioxide compositions of inhaled air and exhaled air?

Oxygen is very important for humans.Man cannot survive without  oxygen.It is the primary agent in almost all process that takes  place in a human body.When we inhale air we

How does concentration of inhaled and exhaled air differ?

Inhaled air contains more oxygen than carbon dioxide and other gases. Exhaled air contains mostly carbon dioxide as the inhaled oxygen was used up to create energy. Waste carb