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Why does exhaled air have a different concentration of carbon dioxide than classroom air or air near a plant?

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Is carbon dioxide lighter than air?

  carbon dioxide is heavier than air.

Is carbon dioxide lighter or heavier than air?

Carbon Dioxide is heavier than the air.

What percentages of the exhaled air are oxygen and carbon dioxide?

Composition of outer or inhaled air: O2 - Oxygen 158 mm Hg (20.9%) CO2 - Carbon dioxide 0.3 mm Hg (0.04%) H2O - Water 5.7 mm Hg (0.75%) N2 - Nitrogen 596 mm Hg (78.4%) Comp

How is carbon dioxide in the air useful to plants?

It was because plants need carbon dioxide to make food.   Without food the plants will die .

Why does inhaled air contains less carbon dioxide than exhaled air?

When we inhaled, we use the oxygen in the air to send to the organs in our body, in order to stay alive. When all the oxygen stored in a red blood cell is used up, our bodies

How do plants maintain the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air?

the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is maintained through respiration in plants and animals and by photosynthesis in plants .plants produce oxygen durin

Is carbon dioxide heavier than air?

Carbon dioxide is denser than air.   The density of carbon dioxide is 1,977 g/L at 0 0C and standard  pressure.   The density of air (the so called International Stan

Is there more carbon dioxide in inhaled or exhaled air?

Exhaled, because you breath out Carbon Dioxide and so therefore the air will contain more Carbon Dioxide rather than it been in Inhaled air. :-)

Why is carbon dioxide more dense than air?

Air is a mixture of several different elements and compounds. Some (most, on average) are lighter or less dense than CO2, while some are heavier or more dense than CO2. The de