Why does horatio Cain pretend to die?

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Do you think that Horatio Caine from CSI Miami is attractive?

Not even in the 11th dimension. Maybe in his own way to some people but never to me. i wouldn't go out with him if he was the only guy left in the world He is certainly

Where to buy horatio caine sunglasses?

Their actually not in production anymore. They're made by a brand called Silhouette. You can find More information on it at CBS. I guess what I meant was, where did cbs ge

Did Horatio Cain die?

We do not know yet, I don't think so anyway well if he dies die ill be upsey cause he is my favourite csi :(

Was horatio caine from csi Miami murdered?

No, Horatio faked his own murder in order to protect himself. In the season 6 season finale, he is lying on the airport asphalt making every viewer believe he died. However, i

Is horatio caine son dead?

No, Kyle Harmon, Horatio's son doesn't die. We see by the end of the episode, "In The Wind', that he is serving in Iraq. He and Horatio speak briefly over Skype.

When does horatio caines brother return?

He returns in series three in the last episode, and returns in series five episode 1 "rio" when he is beaten to death by antonio riaz, who also killed Horatio's wife and eric'
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How to act like horatio caine?

If you want to act like him without parodiying him, I suggest you watch a few episodes, write down the things that make him what he is (for example his sunglasses) and then do