What is the definition of liquor law liability?

General liability policy forms generally exclude any coverage for liquor liability aside from "host liquor liability" which would be applicable to any business that is NOT in (MORE)

What is public liability?

Public liability is a duty of care which everyone would believe tobe treated as one is in the care of another. This states that eachperson is responsible for an injury/damage (MORE)

Components to liability coverage under an auto policy?

Liability Coverage under an auto policy has what components:. Medical payments. Collision. Comprehensive. None of these. Liability Coverage under an auto policy has what (MORE)

Is professional liability covered under a commercial general liability policy?

Normally it is not covered by a CGL policy. However some carriers can add this coverage by endorsement. The recomendation would be to buy a stand alone professional policy. th (MORE)
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What types of accidents would a public liability policy cover?

Public liability insurance is typically purchased by businesses to cover themselves in the event of an accident. Some examples would include if the employee spills hot coffee (MORE)