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Why do people with autism need special treatment?

  Thier brains are hindered in one way or another by this illness. (i am not a doctor). They are not always capable of understanding the world the same way a person withou

Do people need a special place to worship?

Some seem to judging from the number of places of worship that exist and are still being built.     ANSWER:   It depends on whom you worship. If you are going to wo

What are the special needs of people with Turner syndrome?

Turner's Syndrome only occurs in females. Symptoms of a girl with Turner syndrome include: short staturewebbed skin of the neckabnormal eye features (drooping eyelids)abnormal

How can people with special needs work?

This is a very good question! As a person with special needs myself I can tell you that it is very difficult. I was born with Touretts Syndrome, have been on the TS board of d

What is considered abuse of people with special needs?

any kind of abuse such as physical, emotional,mental or just simply taking advantage of a person who doesn't have the knowledge,almost like getting someone drunk to have sex w

Do special-needs people know they are special-needs people?

Among some debate, "special-needs people" will have some awareness they are different and may have some intellectual reference to their categorization depending on their psych

How can you communicate with people who have special needs?

Well it depends on the disability is, they vary a lot and sometimes the best way is to talk is treat them normally because they are more likely to respond to this. however yo