Why does the vice president and the speaker of the house of representatives sit behind the president while he gives the state of the union address?

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What information does the president include when he gives the state of union the address?

The President has to address the six main goals of the Preamble which are as follows:. How to form a more perfect Union (a better United States). Establishing Justice, ensur

Who succeeds the president after vice president and speaker of the house for the presidency?

Vice President . Speaker of the House . President Pro Tempore of the Senate . Secretary of State . Secretary of the Treasury . Secretary of Defense . Attorney General .

Why does the president give a state of the union address?

The President of the United States gives a State of the Union Address so that we can sit and listen to all the things that he has done and is about to do, most of which we hav

If the president vice president and the speaker of the house of representatives were all dead who would then be the president?

1.President of the United States . 2. Vice President . 3. Speaker of the house . Then followed by the President's Cabinet in the following order of succession:. 4. Se

Who becomes President if both the Vice President and the Speaker of the House of Representatives resign?

The U. S. House of Representatives, whose presiding officer has the title of Speaker, does not have a Vice President; the office of the Majority Whip comes closest. Under the

If the speaker of the house and the vice president are from different parties and the sitting president dies could the new president and vice president be Democrat and Republican?

Not likely . If the president dies, the VP would become the president and he would nominate someone to be the new vice president. He would choose someone from his own party an