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Why doesn't DTS work when playing Blu ray but does when playing DVD?

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Will a blu ray play DVD?

Mostly, blu ray players are complitable with dvd , so you could player dvd with a blu ray player.

Can you play DVDs on your Blu-ray Player?

You can watch your dvd in your blu-ray player, but you can't watch blu-ray in your dvd player... sent by Macymouse Yes they can, they convert it to HD on the screen

Why will Blu-ray player play DVD but not blu-ray?

It sounds like your player may be having some issues. Try these steps to fix it: 1. Unplug your Blu-ray player for 5 minutes, then plug it back in and try again. 2. Call the m

Ps3 will play DVD but not Blu-ray?

PlayStation 3 will Play Blu Ray discs, it will also upgrade the DVDs to 1080p and play the DVDs with much better quality than a player that does not have the upgrade capabilit

How can you play a Blu-ray DVD on computer?

There is no such thing as a Blu-ray DVD, they are exclusive video technologies. It would be like saying why can't my toaster teapot boil water? As to why your computer canno