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Why doesn't the ESRT chart give characteristics for every mineral found on earth?

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Expalin this statement every mineral is an element or compound give an example of a mineral that is an element and a mineral that is a compound?

Minerals are made up of either single elements in crystal form, or  by compounds of elements in a crystal form. An example of an  element mineral would be gold, and a minera

What are 5 Characteristics an earths material must have to be called a mineral?

For a material to be a mineral, it has to have these requirements: 1. It has to be a solid. 2. It has to be formed in nature. 3. It has to have a crystalline structure. 4. It

How do you get minerals from the earth?

Minerals are deep underground. In order to get minerals, we must dig deep tunnels or shafts.

Where are minerals found on the earth?

Minerals are found at a layer called crust

Where can minerals be found?

Minerals can be found everywhere, you may not even realize how close we come to facing minerals every day. your makeup contains minerals, batteries have the mineral nickel. yo

What are the characteristics of minerals?

solid . inorganic (never living) . definite chemical composition . natural state (not man made) . definite crystalline structure Characteristics of minerals include a cr