Why don't we used Roman numeric always?

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Why don't we use Roman Numerals always?

Roman numerals are suitable for carving foundation years intostone, but they are not well suited for doing mathematicalcalculations. Addition can be done with Roman numeral w

Why don't you use roman numbers always?

Although the Romans were very clever - they gave us central heating, democracy, road systems, fast food outlets and a host of other 'modern' things - there weren't a patch on

Why don't you use roman numerals?

They're great for clocks, but try doing basic calculations with them. The Romans had no representation for the number zero. It was the Greeks who invented Zero as a number. Th

Why don't you use roman numerals now?

Because the Romans didn't understand the concept of the number "Zero". If there is nothing, then why bother writing it down? The Arabs, whose sumeric system we use, were ver

Why don't we use Roman Numbers always?

We no longer use the Roman numeral system for everyday use because, frankly, the system was clumsy to write. The Arabic system that we use today is more concise and the mostly

Why do not you use roman numerals always?

We have discontinued the use of Roman numerals for everyday needs because they can be clumsy and awkward to use for quick calculations. We have discontinued the use of Roman

How do Romans use Roman numeral?

The Romans used "Roman Numerals" the same way that we use our Arabic numerals. They were used for all things mathematical, accounting, adding, subtracting, etc. The difference

Why can't Roman Numerals be used always?

Roman numberals cannot be used for calculations more sophisticatedthan addition and subtraction because they lack the numeral zeroand they lack positional notation. As a resul

Why don't we use Roman numerals today?

We do use Roman numerals today. For example, Roman numerals are often found in making outlines; to label book chapters; to label the frontmatter (pages) in books.
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Why don't we use roman number always?

Because we now use the Hindu-Arabic numeracy system whose numbers are 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and 9 which replaced Roman numeracy system in the Middle Ages whose numbers are I V X L

Why don't we always use roman numerals?

We still use Roman numerals to a certain extent today but the Roman numeral system was replaced by the Hindu-Arabic numeral system because it contained a zero symbol thus maki
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Why don't we use roman numarels always?

We still do use Roman numerals to a limited extent but nowadays Hindu-Arabic numerals are used almost world wide because they contain a zero symbol thus making mathematical op