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What is the significance of the tree in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn?

The tree is growing in spite of the fact that it is in concrete and no sort of nature to help it along. It thrives in spite of all that tries to suppress it's growth, much lik

What is the fastest growing tree and how fast does it grow?

Most of the fastest growing trees are softwood. They are able to expand faster then hardwood trees. Silver maples are the fastest growing trees that I know of in Minnesota. Th

Can coconut tree grow on the beach?

it is more than possible to grow a coconut tree on a beach, but they preferr slightly richer soils

How does a tree grow?

Seeds and Grafting . Some trees grow from seeds, such as evergreen trees. Other trees need to be grafted, such as is the case for most fruit trees. Grafting is when the

Where do trees grow from?

It grows from the soil. Trees increase in height by building new cells from the apical meristem at the top of the tree. The trunk expands in diameter by producing new cells a

Why do trees grow?

Because they are living things and all living things grow. Trees must grow taller to better access sunlight, especially if there are other trees or anything else nearby that w

Can a tree grow within a tree?

I assume the asker is referring to normal trees other than parasitic species that actively target established trees.....but the answer is.....YES. If a seed (whether dispersed