What war was the most costly and how much did it cost?

The Vietnam war claimed 50,000 U.S soldiers and cost the U.S $200 Billion. Do not know if this is the most costly (I suspect it isn't), maybe others can add to this answer wit (MORE)

How much does iPhone?

2g originally came out as $600 the price lowered the 3g came out for only $200 price remains the same contract price about iPhone 4S: $199 16GB, $299 32GB, $399 64GB

How much is the iPhone?

The IPhone 3G cost. 8G - $99* or 580.00 + tax. 16G - $142* (you cant buy a device for this model). The IPhone 3G S cost. 16G- 199* or 699 + tax. 32G- 299 or 881.81 (wit (MORE)

A newspaper ad for a local toy store indicates that a very inexpensive microscope available for a small child is able to magnify specimens nearly as much as the much more costly microscope available y?

The child's microscope may have the same magnification, but does not have the same type of lens or fine tuning available on better microscopes. The image may be somewhat disto (MORE)

How much are iPhone?

The original iPhone 3g is $129.99! Prices may vary though, I found this price at Best Buy.com . Just remember the data plan is like $30.00 though and you have to combine tha (MORE)