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Why is Dionysus sacred items sacred?

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What is sacred?

exclusively devoted to a deity or to some religious ceremony or use; holy; consecrated

How do you get the sacred item on nabooti Island?

The "fingo" for the Kaya Forest spirits is at Nabooti. You will need to uncover another artifact to trade for it. Get the shovel from Giza and the Opuntia Fruit from the Mount

Poptropica how to get the Five Sacred Items?

Item number one is the flower Item number two is the pearl Item number three is the hydra scale Item number four is the giant dogs whisker Item number five is i do not

Where are all the sacred items?

its to hard to explain so ill just say go on you tube and search "poptropica mythology part one (two, three, or four) with no quotes. that's how i always do

What are the five sacred items on poptropica?

1.A flower from the garden of the Sphinx 2.The Golden ring of the Minotaur 3.A scale from the Hydra 4.A giant pearl from the kingdom of poseidon 5.A whisker from the C

Where are the 2 last sacred items?

The pearl of Poseidon is in the underwater cave in the clam. . The whisker of Cerberus is in hades lair. Take the pomegranate's and put them on the stool. Go down and fall

What are some sacred items of Athena?

One of her sacred items is an olive tree branch. . Another one was a shield. . Her sacred animal was an owl.

What is Demeter's sacred item?

There were many sacred items offered to the Greek gods and goddess, of Demeter's most well known; Animals; Serpents Swine Turtle dove Gecko Red Mullet Plants;