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Why is Navajo clothing made?

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What clothing did the Navajo tribe wear?

The clothing that the Navajo tribe wore consisted of collarless  shirts that were made of velvet or cotton and trousers below the  knee. They wore moccasins on their feet. W

What did the Navajo wear for clothing?

The clothing for Navajo women were skirts made from woven yucca  fiber. The men wore breechcloths. During the cooler months, both  men and women wore cloaks of rabbit fur or

How did the Navajo clothe them selves?

They wove their clothes of cotton and later, after the late 1500s,  they wove wool, and they used deerskin. Today, they go a the store.

What clothing do Navajo use?

some traditional and some modernate. but we don't all wear the same thing today (you the 21st century)

How did the Navajos get their clothes?

Killing animals and skinning them. They went through hard processes  of tanning and softening the skin and then smoked it and made  clothing out of it. They leaved to weave

What kind of clothes do Navajo wear?

Except for ceremonies or older traditional people, Navajo where clothes like most Americans. There is a tendency to wear western ranching type clothing, ie: boots jeans, long

What type of clothing do Navajo wear?

The clothing of Navajo people has changed over time. Today, except for certain special occasions, most of the 300,000 tribal members dress in everyday western American clothin