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Why is Navajo clothing made?

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How did the Navajos get their clothes?

Killing animals and skinning them. They went through hard processes  of tanning and softening the skin and then smoked it and made  clothing out of it. They leaved to weave

Did the Navajo Indians have special clothing for special occasions or ceremonies?

Yes they do. When a Navajo ceremony is taking place people attending dress in their best clothes. What style that is has changed through time. For the last 140 years or so tra

What are Navajo Rugs made out of?

Navajo rugs are made out of sheep's wool. The shave there wool all off, and then let it dry and they spin the wool evenly. They then put on the loom and make the Navajo rugs.

What were Navajo weapons made from?

Navajo weapons were, bows and arrow and spears and knives. The bows  were sinew backed and made of wood. The knives were flint and then  steel. By the late 1700s and early 1

What is cloth made of?

cloth can be made from alot of different things, but its usually made from wool, or cotton.

What type of clothing does the Navajo tribe currently wear?

Answer: In early times they wore clothing made out of animal fur and skins. The also wore waterproof boots made of seal-skins. But like most modern Americans, Navajo people

What is clothing made of?

Clothing may be made of natural materials such as cotton, leather, silk or wool. It can also be made of synthetic materials such as nylon, rayon, acrylic and polyester.

What clothing did the Navajo tribe wear?

The clothing that the Navajo tribe wore consisted of collarless  shirts that were made of velvet or cotton and trousers below the  knee. They wore moccasins on their feet. W

What did the Navajo wear for clothing?

The clothing for Navajo women were skirts made from woven yucca  fiber. The men wore breechcloths. During the cooler months, both  men and women wore cloaks of rabbit fur or
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How were the Navajo Indian shelters made?

Hogans (hoghan in Navajo) were made of logs and earth.  Today  they are also made of stone and  modern building materials sometimes.  They always have the door to the east

What kind of clothes do Navajo wear?

Except for ceremonies or older traditional people, Navajo where clothes like most Americans. There is a tendency to wear western ranching type clothing, ie: boots jeans, long