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What are the importance of electrical splice and joints?

Totally important! The connections must be well made and the wires tightly joined to prevent a loss of voltage to the device powered. In high current situations a poor connect

What is the importance of a joint committee?

It provides a way for politicians to more easily screw over our country, no matter what stupid, idiotic idea one member comes up with, the others can help make it more stupid

Why are jointed limbs important to an arthropod?

Jointed limbs are important to arthropods to facilitate survival  through mobility, feeding, sensory functions, respiration, etc. The  reason for the jointing itself can be

Are the joints important?

Yes, they are because that's how we can bend our elbows, hands, knees, neck, and other parts of body contaning joints.

Why are expansion joints are so important?

A good reason for expansion joints is that they allow for a rise  and fall of temperature. If they were not implemented in bridges or  building, the intense heat in the summ

Which type of joint is the most important?

That is a tough question because, essentially, they are all important. If I had to pick just one, and only one, I would pick the pubic symphysis. It is the joint made of fibro

What is the important of joints in the skeletal system?

You should have phrased it, "What is the importance of the joints in the skeletal system?" Well you use joints all the time if you don't know that... I will give you an exampl