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What is the theme song to csi Miami?

Just like "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" and "CSI: NY", "CSI: Miami" uses a song by The Who. The song is called "Won't Get Fooled Again".

Why is CSI Miami still on TV?

csi Miami is still on TV because it is the most popular show ALL OVER THE WORLD. csi las Vegas is America's top tv drama, and most watched show. csi Miami is the most popular all over hte world.

Was CSI Miami cancelled?

No CSI Miami was not canceled the season just ended. It starts again on September 22second along. . Agreed!. The problem with WikiAnswers is there are NO DATES shown for when the question was asked, and when the question was answered. So how is anyone to know what month/day/year or which TV seas ( Full Answer )

Which is better CSI Miami or CSI New York?

Both have their ups. I watch both and love both. In NY, the main CSI is Mac Taylor with Stella, Danny, Lindsay and Adam. Lindsay and Danny are married and have a daughter, Lucy. It has more relationships than CSI Miami, but not too much. CSI NY has shown more scientific things to do in order to ( Full Answer )

Who is woman on CSI Miami?

Right now there are 3 main women on CSI:Miami. There is Emily Procter, who plays Calleigh Dusquene, Eva La Rue, who plays Natalia Boa Vista, and a new member of the CSI team, ME Tara Price.

What happened to Alexx on CSI Miami?

Her son was a suspect of a murder and then she relized she coulndnt take it any more and she said "for right now i wanna help alive people insted of the dead ones

What are the names csi Miami members?

The character names (actor's name) are: Horatio Caine (David Caruso) Calleigh Dusquene (Emily Procter) Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez) Ryan Wolfe (Jonathan Togo) Natalia Boa Vista (Eva La Rue) Dr. Tara Price (Megalyn Echikunwoke) Det. Frank Tripp (Rex Linn) Some old main characters are: Dr. Alexx Woods ( Full Answer )

How does warrick die in csi Miami?

Warrick doesn't die in CSI: Miami, he dies in the original CSI series, CSI: Las Vegas. He dies because he is first accused of 2 accounts of murder, and once found innocent, he is dies from a gun shot wound to the head, when resting in his car. He is found by his co worker, Nick, who attempts to save ( Full Answer )

Was CSI Las Vegas cancelled?

No but it is on a 4 week hiatus until march 4th. I think it is cause ctv has full coverage of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics so that's probably why.

Is there a CSI Miami game for DS?

Not yet, no. But there is a game for Ipod Touch (not free) its an app and its really cool you can start off as an regular officer or a sergeant and if u beat the game with good skills you can now start off as a lieutenant.

How does CSI Miami end?

Would like to know if CSI Miami is still on tv or is it over with? If still on when will the next show come on.

Where are the filming csi Miami?

Its actually filmed in and around Los Angeles, not in Miami. The police department is in Hawthorne, very close to LAX.

What time does csi Miami start?

I know that CBS airs new episodes/encores of new episodes on Mondays at 10:00PM, but I strongly suggest you use http://www.tvguide.com/tvshows/csi-miami/tv-listings/100101, put in your local listings, add it to your Favorites and check it daily to find out precise airing times for the show.

Is csi Miami a good show?

Yes I love CSI Miami I think its absolutely brill you might have to watch a few episodes though before you get really into it!!!

Which CSI Miami stars are dating?

Well there is rumors that Emily Procter who plays Calleigh and Jonathan Togo who plays Ryan might be dating they spend alot of time together and are always messing and joking around on set and Emily says that Togo and I are very good friends and we have alot of fun together.

What channel is Csi Miami?

CSI Miami plays at 10 pm on Sunday evenings on wnem tv 5 or everyday at 9 am and 3 pm on A&E. Hope this helps!!!

Who is the main star of csi Miami?

Horatio Caine, a former Homicide detective who became the lieutenant of the CSI at the Miami dade police station.

Why did Eric leave CSI Miami?

he was not fired he came back a few months later after he got shot in the head then he left again because of personnal probelms then he came back in the episode all fall down cause the fans saved him on save eric delko.

How does alex from csi Miami die?

She doesn't die. in fact she quits because she wants to spend more time with her family. When she leaves the crime lab she goes on to become a great doctor at the local hospital and is featured in other episodes when the crime lab works with the hospital or when a member of the team needs medical at ( Full Answer )

Was Taylor Swift in CSI Miami?

TOTALLY she guest stared as a dark haired teen who was involved in the MURDER i think everyone should catch that CSI Miami!!!!!!!!!!!! She did guest star on CSI, but I'm pretty sure it was Las Vegas. It was called Turn, Turn, Turn. And I'm sure that is was Las Vegas, because the Las Vegas tea ( Full Answer )

Does alex retun to csi Miami?

The character of Alexx Woods played by Khandi Alexander does leave the show and returns some time later to appear in season 7, where we see that she is a part time Doctor at a hospital in Miami and in her words "the rest of the time I'm just Mom". However she had made no appearances as of yet in sea ( Full Answer )

What happened to Eric on csi Miami?

If i knew what season you are wondering about, i might be able to help you more. Here are some things though that might help your question: He was shot in the head and leg in season five. ( he survived but lost some of his memory.) when Tim speedle was killed at the beginning of season three, ( Full Answer )

What part of Miami is CSI Miami filmed?

contrary to its name csi:miami isn't actually filmed in Miami itself :D the skyline is of Miami, but the actual shot are filmed at Manhattan beach in Los Angeles because LA has cheaper production and studio costs :) i hope i helped :D Some episodes are filmed in Miami like finales and premieres b ( Full Answer )

What is with the sunglasses on csi Miami?

Horatio Caine's sunglasses have become some what of a CSI:Maimi staple. He typically adds or removes them to add effect to the one liner he's about go give. In episode 1 of season 9 it is revealed they are in fact a gift from Eric Delko. When Horatio is 'killed' in episode 21 of season 6 we focus on ( Full Answer )

Does calleigh die on CSI Miami?

As of the beginning of Season 9 (2010), Calleigh has not died, though she has been kidnapped and injured multiple times.

Is CSI new york better than CSI Miami?

It really comes down to your own personal opinion. Personally, I detest CSI Miami for the horrible acting and overdose of effects and find CSI New York more realistic and funny.

When did Erick join CSI Miami?

Eric has been there since the beginning but left for awhile. He's back now and Adam Rodriguez (Eric) directed an episode.

What is CSI Miami about?

CSI:Miami is about a team of CSI's who are lead by Horatio Caine(played by David Caroso, with his sunglasses and one-liners) while they investigate various crimes in Miami, Florida. There has been romance between Calleigh Duquense(Emily Procter) and Eric Delko(Adam Rodriguez) since season one and fi ( Full Answer )

Is CSI Miami still on Mondays?

In America Yes it is aired on mondays. But in the UK it is aired at the moment on tuesdays

When is csi Miami filmed?

Well CSI Miami is not actually filmed in Miami it's actually filmed in parts of California

What is the best csi Miami episode?

i thought reality kills was a really good episode, think its in season 9 not really sure but its all about personal preference.

Was Kesha in CSI Miami?

where did u get that from? No she wasnt. BUT many persons like: Chris Pine, Ian Sommerhalder Zac Efron or Taylor Swift, appeared on csi Miami

Is callie leaving CSI miami?

No she is not, because when she was pregnant she did not leave, she stayed until the end.

Why did they cancel CSI Miami?

They did not cancel the show, it had reached its full potential and i believe david caruso did not want to do the show anymore and producers felt it would damage the show without him

Will there be a CSI Miami movie?

If I have anything to do with it, there will be. I wrote it already. Looking to see if they network would like to make it or if someone else is going to pick it up. Michael Allen michaelallenonline.com