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Why is density of population low in mid western development region?

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Why does Mongolia have a very low population density?

  "The country's low population can be explained in part by its geographic and climatic extremes: Mongolia is home to soaring mountains and burning deserts, including the

Why does North Africa have such a low population density?

North africa has a a low population density because it is a very harsh place with continuous wars.It is also very harsh because of its climate,North Africa has such an inhospi

Is the population density of Chicago high or low?

  * Population Density:  * With 12,649 persons per square mile that sounds extremely heavily populated to anyone raised outside of an Urban center.  * Miami has 11,483 p

What is the population of the western region of the USA?

2010 US Federal Census: Alaska: 710,231 Washington: 6,724,540 Oregon: 3,831,074 California: 37,253,956 Idaho: 1,567,582 Nevada: 2,700,551 Montana: 989,415 Utah

Why do mountains areas have low population density?

Because it is much colder, people don't want to live there. The air is thinner making it more difficult to live there physically. The soil for farming is not as good.

What is the definition of low population density?

This refers to the amount of people that live in a certain area. example one square km. A low population density mean that a low number of people live in the area.

Why is population density by the Sahara so low?

it could have something to do with the fact that people tend not to live in areas that have no water, food, or shelter. oh and its a desert. The Sahara is a vast desert with

Why does Canada have a low population density?

Canada has a very low population density because there is so much land and not many people live there.and it lies on the arctic circle so it is very cold and dry so that's why

Why does Australia have such a low population density?

  Most of Australia is either arid or semi-arid (desert). Away from the coast, there are few rivers with water in them all of the time, there is very little surface water,