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Why is evolution considered s theory?

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Who had the theory of evolution?

  The generally accepted theory of evolution by natural selection was proposed by Charles Darwin

What s the main idea of Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection?

Basically, it is "survival of the fittest." As certain traits of species become in-adaptable to certain environmental changes, the organism with those traits will die out. The

How is the evolution theory only limited as a theory?

The word 'theory' means it is an explanatory framework for some set of observational data. As to your question: while there is an overwhelming amount of observational data sup

Why is the theory of evolution considered a theory?

It is considered a theory because it is substantiated by evidence. In the scientific sense, a theory is a proposition that is supported by evidence, either direct or indirect.

How does embryos support the theory of evolution?

they look the same when you take x-rays so it most mean the we came from the same organism improved ans: by monitoring how and what an embryo grows as it matures, you can see

Why is the theory of evolution important?

It is the foundation of all modern biology.

What is the objection to Darwin's theory of evolution?

It flies in the face of Established Religion and every thing it stands for. Although evolution makes no claim about religion or even how life sprang from un-life, religious a

Theory of evolution?

Basically, theory of evolution is the theory that explains the  diversity of life. Many believe the father of evolution was Comte  de Buffon, a French naturalist. However, h

Is evolution a theory?

Yes, by definition evolution is a theory (hence it is called the 'theory of evolution'). Despite what some would try to argue, this is not a statement against evolution's cr

The founder of modern evolution theory is considered to be?

Modern evolutionary theories are still based off of Charles Darwin's theories of evolution published in 1859. They have yet been proven as scientifically inadequate or incorre
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Why is darwin's idea of evolution considered a theory?

Because it is an internally consistent explanation of a mechanism of evolution that is supported by many lines of converging evidence, that has been repeatedly tested and is c

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What is the theory of evolution?

Evolution is the change in allele frequency (genotype) over time in a population of organisms resulting in alterations of the phenotype. Change over time gives rise to the div

What are the five mini theories of the Theory of Evolution?

There are five major points to Darwin's theory of evolution. These  are: 1)members have heritable variations; 2)in a population, more  individuals are produced than can surv