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Why is evolution considered s theory?

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What is the evolution theory?

the theory of evolution is that an animal by passing on its genes can adapt to its environment for example the rhea (which lives in south America), Moa (which lives in new zea

Is evolution a theory?

Yes, by definition evolution is a theory (hence it is called the 'theory of evolution'). Despite what some would try to argue, this is not a statement against evolution's cr

Why is evolution a theory?

The Theory of Evolution is a scientific theory. A scientific theory is effectively a theorem, which is what the layman would call a theory (complicated, I know), which has bee

What are the evolution theories?

Evolution describes the process of change in living organisms. The theory of evolution proposes that collectively, organisms change over time. These organisms aquire mutiple

Why might others in Darwin's time have considered his theory of evolution against their religious beliefs?

According to my belief in the Bible, God created all of creation in 6 days. Darwin's theory contradicts this theory in that creation evolved in a series of millions or possibl

The founder of modern evolution theory is considered to be?

Modern evolutionary theories are still based off of Charles Darwin's theories of evolution published in 1859. They have yet been proven as scientifically inadequate or incorre

Why is darwin's idea of evolution considered a theory?

Because it is an internally consistent explanation of a mechanism of evolution that is supported by many lines of converging evidence, that has been repeatedly tested and is c

Why is the theory of evolution considered a theory?

It is considered a theory because it is substantiated by evidence. In the scientific sense, a theory is a proposition that is supported by evidence, either direct or indirect.

What is your theory on evolution?

I accept the modern theory of evolution by natural selection. You can not just on a whim put forth a scientific theory. I suggest you access a good dictionary. The scientific
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Why is Darwin's theory of evolution considered to be a strong theory?

It has been put to rigorous testing over 150 years and has stood that test. It best explains the data. It is supported by massive amounts of evidence from several disciplines.

Why was the theory of evolution so difficult for people to consider?

Because 1) the theory of Evolution (humans evolving from simpler forms of life) challenges a traditional Judeo-Christian religious belief that humans were created by a supreme