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Why is hygiene important in beauty saloon?

Some diseases spread like wildfire. Most people does not even know  that they are a carrier of a disease until it breaks out.   The visitors at a beauty salon can very we (MORE)

What is proper kitchen sponge hygiene?

  Bacteria and Sponges       Your kitchen sponge probably has more bacteria than anything else in the house. It's worse than the toilet.     Bacteria t (MORE)

Sanitation and hygiene in the kitchen?

It is always important to use the proper sanitation and hygiene in  your kitchen. You should throw away trash. You should also always  wash your hands before preparing any t (MORE)

What are the rules for hygiene in the kitchen?

PERSONAL HYGIENE   1. wash hands with warm soapy water   2. tie hair back   3. don't wear make up or nail polish   4. always remove watches, jewellery, etc. be (MORE)

What is kitchen hygiene?

kitchen hygiene is all about keeping your kitchen clean and less conjused with things that carry bacteria and germs
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Why personal hygiene is important for an interview?

It's because people look for anything that might tell them what kind of person you are. Whether you have good manners and good morals, are clean body-wise(which implies that y (MORE)

Why is hygiene important?

It is very important because hygienic food makes us healthy and keeps us away form different diseases. Well taking care of your body is important. Good hygiene equals good hea (MORE)

Why is being hygienic is important in hospital?

Hygiene is important in hospitals to reduce the chance of infectious diseases developing and/or spreading, as well as to improve patient comfort (clean sheets etc.).
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Importance of hygiene?

Hygiene and Good Habits are commonly understood as prevention methods against infection. In broader call scientific terms, hygiene is the maintenance of health and healthy liv (MORE)