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Why is imbeleko celebrated?

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What is a celebrity?

a celebrity is a person who's famous. like Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus. Another is Carrie Underwood. And Taylor Swift. They are people who sing like famous and are rich.

What is celebrity?

A celebrity is famous person. You can be famous for playing sports, acting, singing, being a scientist. Let me name some for you: Cascada (singer ) Eli Manny (athlete)

What are celebrities?

People who are well known by the public but who have not gained  their fame through their own talent or effort. They are created by  the popular media to fill air time or sp

What celebrations are there?

bounty, mars, milky way, galaxy caramel, galaxy, galaxy truffle, teasers (malteasers), snickers, sometimes topic and/or twix.

What is imbeleko?

In Zulu culture,its a home garment used for carrying your baby in your back. Zuius also have that initiation of the baby to the famiy and the ancestors

How are the celebrities?

They are celebrities because they have a special talent, or they are really good at something. That's how someone becomes a celebrity.

Why are there celebrities?

Celebs are people that have special skills. People that can sing good or act good or dance or something else. Sometimes, though, it is really unfair that some people are famou
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What is imbeleko ceremony?

Imbeleko is a ceremony or a ritual done to introduce a new born baby to the elders and ancestors. Children who are also in their teenage hood can do this ritual if they were n