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Why is imbeleko celebrated?

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Why do people celebrate imbeleko?

Imbeleko is a ceremony or a ritual done to introduce a new born  baby to the elders and ancestors. Children who are also in their  teenage hood can do this ritual if they we

Why holi is celebrated?

Holi is a religious spring festival celebrated by Hindus. Holi is also known as festival of Colours. The legend on King Hiranyakashipu is one of the explanations Hindus look

What do you celebrate on the epiphany?

the sighting & experience in the home coming of the holy ghost.The three wise Magi & the star was sighted during Christ's birth.    Roman Catholic AnswerThe feast of the

What are some of the celebrations that Buddhists celebrate?

Buddhism is practiced in many countries, which have different cultures, so holidays vary from country to country. One holiday most Buddhists celebrate is the Buddha's birthday

How is Carnival celebrated?

Carnival is celebrated during a two day period called Carnival Monday and Tuesday. It takes place in the capital of Trinidad, port of Spain, and it is one of the most colorful

Do the celebrities on celebrity apprentice get paid?

Nope. When a team wins then the project manager of that team gets $20,000 for their charity. The winner of the finale gets a $250,000 grand prize for their charity

How do celebrities become celebrities?

  Well People Become famous In all diffrent ways   - Acting   - Singing   - Modelling   - Sports   - Being In Relatsionships With Celebrities   And there

What is celebrity?

A celebrity is famous person. You can be famous for playing sports, acting, singing, being a scientist. Let me name some for you: Cascada (singer ) Eli Manny (athlete)

How did the Vikings Celebrate?

Drink mead, have sex, and do drugs. Not so much different from now.

Why is Pentecost celebrated?

Because it was the coming of the Holy Spirit to the world to dwell in believers and to be our Comforter and Guide. It is the day that the Spirit came to the apostles, and empo

What holiday or celebration do the Navajo celebrate?

They celebrate the Kinaaldá for a girl's puberty. It is a four day  ceremony. It is said to be modeled on the deity Changing Woman's  ceremony after she miraculously grew t

What celebrations does America celebrate?

well what i tihnk is.....................umm...............all it just depends that maybe your a Jewish person and u celebrate Chanukkah(that's how u spell it because my class

How is Memorial Day celebrated and why do you celebrate it?

The work of the national armies is consistent with the plans of governments. In the unending areas of reserve design, the livestocks and the minerals are expendable resource.