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Why is imbeleko celebrated?

What celebrations do Christians celebrate and why?

That depends upon the type of Christian. The majority celebrate the  common holidays like Christmas and Easter while some more  fundamental still adhere to the 7 Feast/Holy (MORE)

Celebrities who has a pitbull?

Madonna, Brad Pitt, Humphrey Bogart, Pink, Jessica Biel, Jon  Stewart, Ken Howard, Alicia Silverstone, Adam Brody, Jamie Foxx,  chael Ray, Joey Porter, Jessica Alba, Preside (MORE)

Celebrities Who Get Around The Most

Celebrities make tabloid news for their new love interest, but what celebrities have been generating the most buzz? The following celebrities have either admitted or been rum (MORE)

Where to Enjoy Carnival Celebrations in Mexico

Mexico is a vibrant and exciting destination that is known for many things. In addition to the rich history, fascinating arts and culture, and stunning natural beauty, this is (MORE)
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History of Annual German Celebrations

Germany shares many of the same holidays as the rest of Europe, but many of them have traditions that only occur in this historic country. Many of their traditions are old or (MORE)
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What is imbeleko ceremony?

Imbeleko is a ceremony or a ritual done to introduce a new born baby to the elders and ancestors. Children who are also in their teenage hood can do this ritual if they were n (MORE)

What are some of the celebrations that Buddhists celebrate?

Buddhism is practiced in many countries, which have different cultures, so holidays vary from country to country. One holiday most Buddhists celebrate is the Buddha's birthday (MORE)
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What are some celebrations celebrated in Russia?

  Russia celebrates Russia Day New Year (1st january) Christmas (ortodoxal, 6 january of the year) The Old New Year =) (14 january) Day of Russian army (23 february) (MORE)

How is Carnival celebrated?

Carnival is celebrated during a two day period called Carnival Monday and Tuesday. It takes place in the capital of Trinidad, port of Spain, and it is one of the most colorful (MORE)

What celebrations did the Pomo have?

The Pomo's had different ceremonies thru out the year. In May they  had a strawberry festival. In summer they had four nights of sacred  dances ending with a feast on July 4 (MORE)