Why is it important for blind people to use braille?

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It raises awareness and it helps blind people to read using their fingers
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How do blind people use Braille to read and write?

Braille is an arrangement of raised dots on a surface that form numbers, letters, and words. Blind persons feel the dots with their fingertips to recognize the patterns. Th

Why do people use braille?

Because they are not able to see printed text and need a way to be able to read and write.

How do blind people know that there is braille where they are at?

When a person goes blind there other sences become hightened, as you may have heard. But many people don't realized the sort of spidy sence that blind people posses. Question,

The reason Braille can be ready by blind people is that the raised dots are?

Blind people can not see so there other senses are heightened. They used to have GIANT books with the letters popping out and they had very few and they were extremely heavy.

How do blind people learn braille?

Haha I don't know how blind people learned braille but if I did I wouldn't be writing this right now but thanks for trying :]

Why is it important to blind people to learn braille?

When you are blind, you obviously can't see the regular print on books, signs, or anything for that matter. It's just like a foreign language. They need to learn it so that th