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Why is mixed melting point in organic compound?

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Melting points of organic compounds?

The melting points of organic compounds will vary and are related  to the boiling points. Organic compounds that have strong cohesive  forces will generally have higher melt

Why are melting point ranges of organic compounds so important?

Melting point is important in organic chemistry because it can be used for the identification of a compound. For pure solid organic compounds will have a small melting point

Why do most organic compounds have low melting points?

Organic compounds generally are long hydrocarbon chains which are only attracted to each other by Van der Waals bonds which are the weakest intermolecular bonds. Since the bon

Does a compound have a fixed melting point?

If a substance is a compound, you know exactly what is in it. Scientists say that compounds have a fixed composition. that means that they are always made up from the same ato

Why organic compounds have low melting and bioling points?

This statement is generally true because organic compounds are molecular and the intermilecular forces are weak and therefore are readily pulled apart. This contarasts with th