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Why is my turkey wobbly?

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What is wobbling?

  1. wobbling of vehicle: a wobbling motion or vibration, especially in the front wheels of a motor vehicle 2. popular 1920s dance: a 1920s jazz dance in which the body wa

What is wobble?

Wobble is an unsteady movement from side to side. The cause of a  wobble on a car could mean it needs a front end alignment or even a  bad tire.

What are wobblies?

"Wobblies" is a nickname for members of the International Workers of the World, the IWW, which was an attempt to create an international trade union of working people, to seek

If your tooth is wobbly can it stop wobbling?

Leave it. If it is very very very wobbly (if you can turn it and all, you don't have to try it) and if it was wobbly for a long time, pull it out (if it's wobbly enough). If y

Why does a star wobble?

As a planet orbits its parent star, it causes it to wobble slightly. This motion can be detected using the most sensitive instruments as a shift in the star's spectrum. It app

What animals wobble?

The majority of the animals that wobble are baby animals that do  not quite know how to walk. They start wobbling before they get  used to standing and walking no matter if

What is a wobble stitch?

When you try to sew a stitch in fabric, and it goes wobbly. It's not good, or a well-rounded skill. Anyone can do it.

What is speed wobble?

Wobble, shimmy, tank-slapper, speed wobble, and even death wobble are all words and phrases used to describe a quick (4 - 10 Hz) oscillation of primarily just the steerable wh