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Why is my turkey wobbly?

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Why is your bearded dragons head wobbly?

two logical possibilities. A calcium issue. Or a vitamin issue. A vet visit is recommended to check blood levels.

Where is Turkey?

It is right in the middle of the world connecting Europe and Asia.   Answer Turkey is a bridge between Asia and Europe. It is surrounded  by the Mediterranean Sea, Aegean

Who sings wobble wobble line dance?

V.I.C sings the song and people dance the line dance to it

What causes wobbly tires?

I dont think a tire will wobble unless the entire wheel wobbles.... Problems with the undercarraige could cause this. Also if a tire has uneven treadwear from a poor alignme

Why does a star wobble?

As a planet orbits its parent star, it causes it to wobble slightly. This motion can be detected using the most sensitive instruments as a shift in the star's spectrum. It app

Does the moon keep the earth from wobbling?

Yes, the moon helps to keep our orbit stable. We'd be in trouble, over the long term, anyway, without the moon. the moon also helps the tide move in and out, so without the mo

Who were the wobblies?

wibbly wobblies are small children's toys that have a rounded bottom and therefore they wobble

Where are turkeys from?

Either the question or the answer is not correct. If the question is about the origin of turkeys (animal), the answer is the American continent. If "turkeys" refer to the th

What occurs when Earth's axis wobbles?

the Earth's axis always wobbles but it does so seasonally and when it does it changes seasons in certian locations. when the axis wobbles, whatever location you are in will ei

What is speed wobble?

Wobble, shimmy, tank-slapper, speed wobble, and even death wobble are all words and phrases used to describe a quick (4 - 10 Hz) oscillation of primarily just the steerable wh

Why is jelly wobbly?

A jelly is a form of a "gelatin", a very viscous solution than has high cohesive properties. Long strands of gelatin reach across and around whatever shape it is molded into.

What are turkeys?

  Turkeys are large ground dwelling birds native to America that have been domesticated for meat. Here is a link For a more detailed description http://en.wikipedia.or

Why does A wheel that wobbles?

Check the tire for a broken belt. ( BAD TIRE ) The wheel itself is bent. ( REPLACE WHEEL ) The tie-rod is loose are ready to come apart. The lug nuts are loose, That's w

What causes a toilet to be wobbly?

bad flooring,loose fasteners,rotted joists   Normally a lose toilet (bowl) is cause by lose floor flange bolts and in severe cases the floor flange separated from the soi