Florida Purchase Treaty of 1819?

The Florida Purchase Treaty of 1819 permitted the U.S. to purchase the Florida Territory from Spain, merely by paying the costs of American settler's claims against Spain (5 m (MORE)

Why maastricht treaty is so important?

Under the heading of The Maastricht Treaty on Wikipedia, it gives this explanation about the imprtance of this treaty. *** The treaty led to the creation of the euro curren (MORE)

Why was Singapore chosen as a british base in 1819?

In the early 19th century, European trading companies such as the British and the Dutch East India Companies were fiercely competing outside Europe to get more profit of trade (MORE)

Why was the fall of Singapore so important for Australia?

During World War 2, the Australians were part of the Allies,fighting alongside Britain in the battle of Singapore. The port ofSingapore was often used by the Australians for r (MORE)

How did people live in Singapore before 1819?

The Sultanate of Johor used Singapore as a trading port for a whilein the 16th and 17th centuries, however the Portuguese burnt thatport city down in the early 1600s. The isla (MORE)