Why is the presidents State of the Union address important?

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What is the state of union address?

The President is required by Article II Section 3 of the Constitution. It states "He shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient." 1800MouthOnBird

What is the State of the Union address?

Article II Section II of the U.S. Constitution says that the president "shall from time time give congress information on the state of the union..." Therefore, the State of the Union address is a speech that the US president delivers before a joint session of Congress and held in the House of Rep (MORE)

When is the State of the Union Address given?

Lately it has been given every year in the evening in late January,but the date is up to the president. Not so very long ago it wasgiven in December. It can be either written or oral, but sinceWoodrow Wilson, presidents prefer to deliver it orally in person .

What information does the president include when he gives the state of union the address?

The President has to address the six main goals of the Preamble which are as follows:. How to form a more perfect Union (a better United States). Establishing Justice, ensuring domestic tranquality (ways to help us in the case of a natural disaster, or other events that help the people), providing (MORE)

What does the president do at the State of the Union Address?

In the State of the Union the President traditionally outlines the administration's accomplishments over the previous year, as well as the agenda for the coming year, in upbeat and optimistic terms. At some point during the speech, the President usually says "The State of our Union is strong" or a v (MORE)

Who did President Bush quote from in his state of the union address?

At the end of his State of the Union:. Gouverneur Morris ( January 31 , 1752 - November 6 , 1816 ) was an American statesman who represented Pennsylvania in the Constitutional Convention of 1787 and was an author of large sections of the Constitution of the United States . He is widely (MORE)

What is the purpose of the state of union address?

The State of the Union. Is an address from the president, usually intended on informing the public of what the leader is doing, such as his own opinion and how he would solve the problems at hand. .

When 2009 state of the union address?

According to the Atlantic Magazine Reporter, Mark Ambinder, the 2009 State of the Union (economic address) will be in early February. Obama's budget is due mid February.

Why is the president's State of the Union address important?

The address is a carefully prepared statement of what the president thinks is important for Congress and the people to know. Any prepared statement made by the president is likely to be important- the president is an important part of how the government will operate and what it will do to deal with (MORE)

Does the president have to make a yearly state of the union address?

He is not required by law to do so, but custom and precedent pretty well dictate that he do it. It is a great opportunity to speak to the nation and all of Congress to set out his program for the year as well as to review the state of the union. He is required by the Constitution to report to Cong (MORE)

When is the State of the Union address 2010?

January 27, 2010 at 9 p.m. EST The State of the Union Address, President Barack Obama's first, will be given on Wednesday, January 27, 2010 at 9 p.m. eastern. President Obama's speech to Congress will be broadcast live on television as well as streamed live on whitehouse.gov. Background: Wh (MORE)

When is state of the union address in 2010?

I don't think the date has been announced yet (12/2/09), but it generally comes during the week after the Martin Luther King, Jr. federal holiday -- most often on a Tuesday or Wednesday. . The MLK Holiday is Monday, January 18 in 2010, so the most likely days for the SOTU speech would be Tuesday, Ja (MORE)

Where can you wager what color tie President Obama wears for the State of the Union address?

www.paddypower.com is taking such wagers. Understand that there are arguments to be made in support of red or blue ties, and even green and yellow. One can rule out purple, orange, black, brown, white, and other such esoteric tie colors. And one can say that in general, it would be red or blue, mor (MORE)

Who speaks after the president in the state of the union address?

There is no set person. The Constitution requires that the President shall inform the Congress of the "state of the Union". It doesn't have to be a speech, and it doesn't have to be every year. The habit of the formal "state of the union" speech has come from television! About 20 years ago, the o (MORE)

What if the president skips the state of the union address?

The president is required to give Congress information about the state of the unions from time to time but he could probably skip it for awhile with no effects except a lot of questions and negative comments from his detractors. He could certainly send a written message to Congress instead of making (MORE)

Why are they having the state of the union address?

Because the US Constitution requires that the President address Congress at least once a year, and the State of the Union address at the end of January is the tradition that formed around it. It happens every year, and generally is a little overly optimistic. For example, the last State of the Union (MORE)

Who started the State Of The Union address?

George Washington gave the first address. However, no other presidents gave a public address for the State of the Union until Woodrow Wilson. It has been the custom ever since.

Which two president never gave state of the union address?

Two presidents never lived long enough to give a State of the Unionor annual message: they were William Henry Harrison and JamesGarfield. Harrison died in 1841, after only 32 days in office; andGarfield died in 1881, after only 199 days.