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Why is the sound not amplified using RCA connections and phone?

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Can a Component RCA Video cable be used for audio for connections?

The answer is YES & NO ! 1. Simply because there are 2 popular modes of the Component systems Progressive vs. interlaced component video 2. One will work and the other will c

Can you connect an older RCA amplifier to a new HD TV?

Yes. You need a set of audio cables which are usually red and white and will plug into the back of the amp. Select an input location, CD, Tape, Video 1 or 2, and plug the cabl

How do you connect your windows PC to your television using rca jacks?

Please keep in mind: if your TV supports COMPONENT VIDEO  (YPbPr) instead of RGB, it also most likely supports HDMI or VGA!  In that case simply buy the proper cable (and co