Why is the water leaking into the frame well of your 1997 sebring convertible?

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Restate the question. What do you mean by "Frame Well"?  I had a problem where the water leaked into my car and flooded the driver's side pretty well, and I feel you have a similar problem to this. There are 3-4 drainholes on the bottom of the side frames where the water leaks through the body and out of the bottom of the car. If these holes become clogged with tree garbage or what not, the water will build up in the car frame and flood into your car. They are located on both sides of the car where inside of the frame and outside frame comes together at the bottom under the door jam and along the side, and they are small bumps. I cleared mine by using a straightened clothing hanger to clear out the debris, some shops use high pressure air, but it did the job. Hope this helps.  I had this same problem with my 1996 convertible. There are two rubber drain plugs that are on each side of the car in front of the rear tires in the wheel well. just take your finger and pull these out. Then put your car on an incline and watch all the water drain out. I found it better to leave these drain plugs out for good.
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Why is water leaking into the frame well of your 1997 Chrysler Sebring convertible?

answer to vague question. . if the frame well you are talking about is the one i belive it is it is a normal function of the convertible top drainage system on the car.\n.

Water pump location on a 1997 Chrysler sebring convertible?

at the "front" of the motor behind the timing belt. you have toremove the timing belt covers and, remove the timing belt, and thewater pump is one of the the center pulleys i