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What is points gap for 1957 evinrude sportwin 10hp and also need timing?

The gap for the points is .020".  The gap for the spark plug is .030".  Timing is fixed but the setting of when the armature meets the cam follower is extremely important.

Is gap insurance a one time purchase?

Yes, at the time you get your car note unless you purchase from companies like Progressive, where you are adding it to your auto policy. Be aware--Gap is considered a fraud i

What is the longest recorded time gap between twin births?

In the world record book the longest birth to come forward was 84 days. But not every birth is actually recorded on the record, i.e. home birth, or people just don't want to p

Why is there a gap of time between the evolution of algae and trilobites?

There isn't, of course, a gap in time. There are, however, very few fossils intermediate between simple stromatolites (the first more or less multicellular organisms) and the

Why is there a gap of time between election and inauguration of the president?

The gap is needed in case the election is disputed. If there is a  recount that would take some time. If the House has to choose the  President, the President has to be chos

Is there a time frame that you can make a claim on gap insurance?

 Answer   Every insurance policy has what is called a claims tail, its like a statue of limitations, I would make the claim without regard to how long ago it was, and a

What is the penalty if you have a gap from time you purchase a car from a dealer until you obtain auto insurance?

Insurance   Temporary Dealer Gap insurance is considered the same as having no insurance at all. Most companies don't recognize dealer gap insurance because they are only

What is the time gap between mean solar day and sidereal day?

Here's the answer, for planet Earth. A "solar day" is the time between the Sun's successive highest points in the sky. Astronomers refer to these peaks as "culminations". Th