What might be the consequences for non-payment of credit card debt?

Answer . \nCredit cards are considered unsecured debt. Unsecured debt simply means that specific property has not been used as collateral to "secure" the debt.\n. \nA cre (MORE)

When can a Missouri resident be imprisoned for debt?

People are no longer imprisoned for their debts. The practice ofdebtors prisons ended in the 1800's. People now are encouraged tofile bankruptcy instead. Sorry but the answer (MORE)

Reasons Why is there no person shall be imprisoned for non payment of debt?

Please re-write your question with a bit more clarity.. I think you are trying to find out "WHY SHOULD A PERSON NOT BE IMPRISONED FOR NON PAYMENT OF DEBT" . Provided that is (MORE)

What are the UK laws associated with non-payment of unsecured debt?

The Consumer Credit Act of 1974 (CCA-1974) provides a basis for all laws associated with non-payment of unsecured debt by consumers. The Consumer Credit Act of 2006 (CCA-2006) (MORE)

Do debt consolidation companies arrest you for non payment?

No. They will contact you and ask you why you DID NOT make a payment to them. If you are on a very tight budget and can't make that payment, it is understandable for one month (MORE)