Why is your baby sick during feeding?

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What can you feed your sick dog?

Answer . I suggest you contact your local vet. If your dog has been throwing up or has very loose stool, it could be as simple as his eating something he is not used to or could not tollerate. When my dogs have upset stomachs I feed them a boiled chicken and white rice mixture until they can tole (MORE)

How do you feed a baby?

Either a bottle or your breasts. To breast feed your baby, uncover your breast, then put the baby's mouth on your nipple. The baby will form a natural clamp and start suckling and get milk, formulated by your body for baby. If you do not want to feed your baby naturally by breast feeding, milk formu (MORE)

What do you do with a sick baby Turtle?

That would depend on what is wrong with it. Keep it warm, keep the water clean, make sure there is a fresh supply of food. If there is inflammation to the eyes, drops can be purchased over the counter at a pet supply. There are also water additives that can be purchased for various minor ailments. I (MORE)

Does it harm your baby when you have morning sickness?

No, don't worry, it's a sign that the hormones are going up as they should. Very uncomfortable for you, but a healthy sign. For most women it goes by 12-14 weeks. It can persist for longer for the unlucky few. As long as you are able to keep some fluids down during the day, your baby will thrive an (MORE)

What do I do if I have a hamster that had babies and they are now a week old and one looks ill but then the mum tried eating the sick baby so I managed to get him away and how do I feed the poor baby?

Did you happen to hold the baby?!?! Your action might harm the babies and change its scent thus confuses the mother. She will think that they are not hers, abandon them and worst she might even eat the babies. If you did hold the baby the mother probably stoped feeding it which made it sick.. Separ (MORE)

What do you feed a sick dog who won't eat?

Try clear liquids like beef broth. At the outset, the real problem will be keeping the dog hydrated. Nothing lives long without water. Broth will do (and don't use the Sodium Free broth -- the dog will need electrolytes). Try varying the dog's diet. If they like steak -- until this passes, get them (MORE)

What to feed a sick kitten that will not eat?

A kitten that does not eat can become a serious issue. The longer the kitten goes without food, it's appetite will decrease the harder it will be to coax it to eat. It is strongly advisable to take it to a vet as soon as possible, especially if it is a young kitten. The quicker the kitten is treated (MORE)

What do you feed a baby?

Well, if you're feeling brave, you can breast feed him. Or, assuming you've already purchased a bottle, you can feed it formula. Formula is a healthy substitute for 'biters'.

Foods to feed a sick dog?

It depends on the illness: . COMMON COLD (KENNEL COUGH) - Nothing different from his regular food, unless he does not have an appetite. Then you may add raw meat (this does not hurt your dog) or cooked meat, or maybe any sauce you have in your refrigerator. Dogs love any sauce with tomatoes! (Sp (MORE)

What to feed a sick ferret?

What to feed a sick ferret? Sick ferret can dehydrate very easily. You can feed it what ferret owners call "Duck soup" it is a mixture of food and nutrition supplements for nursing sick ferrets back to health and putting weight on underweight ferrets is frequently necessary. When ferret are ill, (MORE)

What do you feed sick newborn baby chicks?

I would suggest fine corn meal. Another solution would be to grind down regular chicken feed into a finer crumble using a food processor. Make sure they have fresh clean water on hand. If they are real "new" like day old then they need what is called a chick starter which has been medicated to reduc (MORE)

Can a baby get sick when he is in a smokers home?

yes because he/she is inhaling the smoke. yes because he/she is inhaling the smoke.. Yes, it will cause lung and other health problems. Breathing in the cigarette/cigar smoke for 30 minutes is the same as smoking one yourself!

How do i carefor and feed a baby bird and what will i feed it?

It depends of how old it is. If it is a new born set it in a basketand feed it Exact/ baby birds. It is a powder that you mix withwater and my baby bird loves it! Use a eye dropper to feed itthough or if it is two weeks old than give it Exact/ adults. It isa chunky food that birds love.

How do you feed the baby on imagine babies?

Hi, I have the Nintendo ds game 'Imagine Babies' and to feed the baby that you are caring for you have to: click on the door in your house which leads to the kitchen. Once you are in the kitchen you have to click on the fridge. It will tell you what to do ...... I think. How you actually put the f (MORE)

What to feed a sick baby chick 4 days old?

It is my experience, a baby chick needs 4 things: heat (usually a light bulb), water (with "Quik Chic" added), food, and fresh bedding....in that order. After supplying those basic needs if you chick runs in to trouble and gets sick, there are several things I have tried. After dry food is reject (MORE)

What should I do my baby is sick but has no fever?

You should probably go to the emergency room to be safe. Otherwise if things don't seem so bad, you could just make sure that she has plenty of fluids (water, milk), and that the baby continues to have a normal temperature. But you would have to check up on her throughout the night to make sure she (MORE)

What do baby whales eat when they are sick?

they're whales...it's not like they can get medicine.. they just eat the food they normally do. unless they live in an aquarium, then it would depend on what kind of sickness

How do you feed a baby on imagine babies?

Hi, I have the Nintendo ds game 'Imagine Babies' and to feed the baby that you are caring for you have to: click on the door in your house which leads to the kitchen. Once you are in the kitchen you have to click on the fridge. It will tell you what to do ...... I think. How you actually put the foo (MORE)

What can you feed sick betta fish?

There has to be a reason the Betta is sick. The fish will not eat if it is dying. I would assume that there is something wrong with its water or conditions. My advice is do a water change ASAP. Then read and follow the basic rules for keeping any fish. They are as follows. :- 1 inch of fish needs a (MORE)

What should I feed my dog after sickness?

It really depends on how sensitive your dog's stomach is. Large breeds tend to have more sensitive stomachs than smaller breeds. One thing that works for my dog is cooked white rice. Other things that are not spicy will work as well, if your dog can handle them. However, you should definitely not st (MORE)

Your newborn son gets sick after feeds?

Answer: Well if by sick you mean spitting up a lot or having a lot of gas on his stomach, it could be an allergy to the formula or perhaps a lactose intolerance. I would suggest talking to your pediatrician and/or trying a soy formula. I also would suggest getting some baby gas drops. If he's swa (MORE)

Can you get sick by your baby turtle?

ALL reptiles carry salmonella - HOWEVER - the risk of catching it is EXTREMELY small. Basic hygiene after handling (wash your hands) will all-but eliminate any chance of infection. Also remember to wash your hands before handling the animal. You can harbor diseases as well. Chelonians typically ha (MORE)

What do babies feed off of during the first month of pregnancy?

In the first month, embryos derive their nutrtion first from the contents of the sperm and ovum (that are of nutritional nature, and not the DNA itself), then from the uterine endothelial (wall) lining circulation, and eventually from the placenta. The embryo grows into a fetus, which is only called (MORE)

How can you feed baby degos if mother die during giving birth?

Try feeding them very small insects, hold the insect in a small pair of tweezers and tease the babies with it or just let it loose if it is a crawling insect. Try small moths, flies, any tiny insect within reason (no ants or insects that are going to bite or are toxic).

How can you open a sick gecko's mouth to feed it?

Never ever force feed a gecko it is harm full to their body to forcefully open the jaws of a gecko. If your animal is refusing to eat and there are physical signs of weight loss, a visit to the vet may be in store.

What other food can I feed my dog when he is sick?

Carrots, rice pudding, natural yoghurt or eggs. More importantly you need to keep the dog hydrated. Apart from fresh water, liquid and sloppy foods are very good for this. Dogs should only be fed dairy produce if they are not lactose intolerant as it can cause diarrhoea. Know your dog.

Can baby get sick from old baby food?

If the baby food is in a sealed bottle or other container still in good condition, then it could take many years before the food in the container "goes off". That is of course if the food has been properly stored, preferably in a cool, dark, dry cupboard. If it has been standing in the sun for yea (MORE)

What can I feed a sick cat that won't eat?

Take it to the vet or call a vet and ask them. Also try smelly foods such as cat food with fish in, or you could try feeding the cat some real fish such as pilchard. Another thing to try is to warm the food up a little to increase the smell.

Is it bad for a mother to drink water during breast feeding baby?

Drinking water while breast feeding is actually a smart and prudent thing to do. When the situation allows, such as when nursing at home, the best thing to do is to have a glass of water close at hand. It is very important for a nursing mother to stay well hydrated. After all, breast milk is primari (MORE)

What do you force feed a sick snake?

If a snake is sick, do not feed it. Give it the proper medication and appropriate adjustments to it's environment until it gets well. Then attempt to feed it, they can go several months without food.

What do you feed your sick kitten?

First check with a vet for advice and diagnosis. You need to know what is causing the kitten to be sick. If your kitten is sick it probably won't eat until it is feeling better. I have tried and it is very hard to get them to eat. . I had a cat that got sick and wouldn't eat anything. I went to t (MORE)

What do you feed a baby bush baby?

Mix cooked fruit yoghurt or vanilla yoghurt with milk and honey, and put this in a syringe, and let them lick it. Be careful not force the feeding, be gentle and patient, it must not be pushed into the babies mouth, u could drown it.

How do i make my baby sick?

To make a baby sick you can expose your baby to people that are sick. Bringing the baby around people who have been sick exposes they smaller immune system and most likely the baby will catch the illness.

Can a baby get sick from a dirty bottle?

Yes, they can get sick as a result of a dirty bottle. You see, dirty bottles are a source of bacteria. The bacteria in the bottle goes down into the immune system of the baby, and attacks the central nervous system. If a baby consumes this source of bacteria it won't always affect the baby. If after (MORE)

Can eating feed corn make you sick?

Feed corn (field corn) is no different than any other corn. It tastes just as good as is as nutritious as any other corn. It is very tasty but is very slightly more tougher to chew.