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Why might Portugal have wanted to join the EU?

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Why do certain countries want to join the EU?

  People want their countries to join the EU too, and also because of all those support and most of the countries that join the eu is very rich and most of them are reall

Who wants to join the EU?

There's a queue:. Croatia. Serbia. Albania. Macedonia. Turkey. Bosnia. and head of the queue to leave is the U.K

When did Portugal join the EU?

    1986, along-side Spain

When did Portugal and Spain join the EU?

Portugal and Spain joined what was then known as the European Economic Community, now known as the European Union, on the 1st of January 1986.

Date that Portugal joined the EU?

1st of January 1986.

How do Portugal benefit from joining the eu?

Portugal benefited from joining the EU in the same way that all the other countries did. They were able to -share in the benefits of the 4 Freedoms (free movement of goods, s