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Why periodic oil tank inspection is desired?

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How do you reset periodic inspection light?

  The Service Reminder Indicator (SRI) is fitted to all 2000 EuroVans It stores two sets of information: Oil Change and Inspection Service. Here is the method to manually

Inspect fuel tank filler neck?

The Fuel Filler Neck is the Gas Tank Pipe that directs the flow of gasoline or diesel down to the Fuel Tank. They commonly rot out in the rust belt regions of the US and Canad

BMW e39 oil inspection reset?

To reset the e39 oil inspection light, a special reset tool is  needed. The tool is plugged in the data port under the hood, and it  will allow the computer to reset the lig

Do you have a grace period after your vehicle fails inspection?

This depends entirely on what state you are in. I am a licensed  state inspector in Virginia. The rule is that the customer can  drive the car to an authorized inspection st

Does 2cycle oil go in gas tank or oil tank?

it depends if its a older bike you may have to put premix in (mix of oil and gas) in the tank if its a newer bike it will have oil injection and you only have to put oil in th

What is Indian oil LPG Mandatory Inspection?

Safety audit of the domestic installations should be carried out once in every two years. Your Indane distributor’s trained mechanic carries out such an audit at your p