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What temperature should the air coming out of the vent be for a properly functioning central AC system?

Answer . The air from the vent should be 18 to 22 degrees F lower than the temperature of the air going into the return.

If your training manager has run a series of courses on improving customer service for all the employees in the company how would you go about evaluating the success of this training?

You might look to Six Sigma to evaluate the success of the program. You would want to start BEFORE the training.. First, define what your goal is for training. Are you trying to make happier customers? Quicker responses? More accurate responses? Are you trying to keep people from calling back? Define success. If you can't define success, then you shouldn't have done any training.. Then, you need to measure where you were before the training. If you've already trained everyone, is there a way to go back and figure out what it was like before? If you're looking for happier customers, do you have any surveys? If you're trying to keep people from calling back, do you have call records? If you don't have a way to measure, then you will have no objective way of knowing that you improved.. Then, measure where you are against your goals AFTER the training. Use the same survey or same data collection system.. Do a statistical analysis to see if the training made any real difference. You can look at various six sigma or stats sites to see how to do this, but it's based on the type of test, the type of data that you have.. IF you have no way of measuring the "before training" state, then I would suggest that you come up with a measurement system internally. If you wanted to, you could compare "trained" people with "untrained" people (there are always untrained people... new employees, missed people, etc). and see if there is a statistical difference.

Managers should do every thing they can to enhance the job satisfaction of their employees?

Yes,a manager should to everything they can to enhance an employees work experience.In doing so they have a better employee.A manager who does not incorprate this in their role is not a good manager.Incentives should be offered,employee recognition with-in the store.Its not that exo\pensive to obtain movie tickets or dinner certificates,even a 10 dollar gift card would work.When I was manager,if an employee had a 3 month ,consecqutive attendence,I had a drawing for them,in the drawing were movie tickets,dinner certs.,etc.It cost so little and little if no effort to apprecu\iate good employees.Good emloyees come from good managers.

What is Employee training?

Answer . Employee training is when your employer (the people you work for) trains you how to do your job or tells you what you need to know in order to do your job.

How is property management system different from central reservation system?

A Property Management System is used on the property level (i.e. Check-In, Billing, Wake-Up Calls & Messages, Reservations, Etc.) and will link with a CRS.. A Central Reservation System acts as the link providing inventory to the GDS (Global Distribution System) and sending reservations to the hotel.. A CRS is only required if you have more than 1 Hotel in your chain/group. If you only have one independent hotel...there are various psedo CRS solutions...that give you the power of a CRS without actually having your own system. (Many times a solution like this includes a consolidated or shared CRS system with other independent hotels.)

Disadvantages of property management system?

DISADVANTAGES Guest 1. If there is a power failure while making a reservation, all the information has to be given again 2. If there is a power cut while there is a check-in or check-out, the guest need to wait for full server start up, hich make him irate Staff 1. If one staff mistypes the information than the guest might get irate 2. If there is a power failure, while making a reservation than the staff must redo the whole reservation than the staff must redo the whole reservation 3. When night auditing is being done all other user's must be logged off 4. If there is a virus attack the stored information can be corrupt and thewrong information may be given to the guest which might make him irate Hotel 1. All the staff needs to be trained on the software 2. The software needs to be renewed each year 3. High risk of virus attack as the systems are connected to the internet most of the time 4. If there is a virus attack the stored information might get corrupt 5. If there is a power failure, the hotel runs a high risk of loosing all the stored information 6. If night auditing is missed one day there might be a a havoc the next day. 7. Most cities / countries do not have local support. Support is possible via online only and sometimes it takes time.

Should a Publix employee be forced to work by the manager if they can only work certain hours?

Publix does not expect any employee to work hours that the employee has not agreed to. In other words, if your schedule is restricted to certain hours, the manager must abide by those restrictions. Should the need arise that you are needed outside of those hours, the manager must ask before he assigns those hours to you. On the flip side, you must submit and sign a statement of availability form. It is in two parts so that you can keep one. This is for your own records, and shows that you submitted this form to the manager. If hour disputes arise, you have the form to prove that you did submit it and the manager then must prove that you agreed to the other hours. Publix takes employee relations very seriously because we ARE the company. If this dispute cannot be resolved between you, your manager, and your store manager, you can take the matter to Human Resources. The HR representative has his/her number posted in the break room. Something can be worked out.

Draw the cases and define all the classes for employee management system?

WikiAnswers does not carry out projects for people nor do their assignments. Should you have a question about the matter then by all means ask one.

Do you believe manager should hire employees?

I believe the manager should be among the committee selecting a candidate, but not solely the one who makes the decision to hire. Usually, the best practice is a multilevel selection committee so all levels are represented and are a part of the decision making process.

What is property management systems?

In hotels a property management system, also known as a PMS, is acomprehensive software application used to cover objectives likecoordinating the operational functions of front office, sales andplanning, reporting etc.

Is a company liable for not using a paint filtration system correctly or properly ventalating industrial paint fumes forcing employees to breathe in the fumes?

You would have to research the applicable safety regulations promulgated by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) for this type of industrial operation. They could be fined for violating any applicable rules governing the use of paint spraying equipment.

What's the meaning of property management system?

Well, property management system is a relation between buyer andseller. Where both buyer & seller can apply the system whilefinding any real estate property. Property management system helpsto find beneficial details according to buyers and sellers need.

If employees are properly selected there should be no need for an orientation programme Offer your comment on this with valuable reasons?

I highly doubt that even the best selected employees will know the locations of fire escapes, toilets and tea room without being told.

What should a Manager do to ensure that the changes he is going to initiate will be accepted and implemented by the employees in the organization?

The most important factor in gaining employee acceptance of newpolicies is that the manager must be enthusiastic about them. Theymust be supportive of the changes, or it is unlikely that theemployees will support them either.

Advantage and disadvantage of property management system?

A property management company can be a very useful tool if you own a lot of properties. The company will perform rent collection for your properties, as well as bank management, financial reports, and leasing vacancies. If you'd like more information about professional property management, you can visit our site here: http://www.tdipropertiesinc.com I hope that helps!

Srs for employee management system?

SRS for employee management system is quite effective as itcontains quite a number of features like tracking time foremployees and so many others. SRS stands for Software RequirementsSpecification.

Er diagram on company employee database management system?

an ER diagram on company employee database management systems canbe viewed by visiting the following website:elearning.vtu.ac.in/17/e-Notes/10CS54/Unit2-KRA.pdf. This is a PDFdocument that shows the diagram.

Management should never admit mistake to their employees?

It is best TO tell your workers your mistakes(mistake) as it would most likely make them feel happy to know that you are truth full with them

When should employees receive food safety training?

Employees should receive food safety training before they perform any activity that might impact food safety.

Advantages of property management system for staff?

Simplicity and record keeping. It also helps you with creatingbudgets and seeing your expenses in order to maintain your NRI, NOIand cash flow throughout the year. I worked with Yardi for the past8 years and the now one I'm working with is AppFolio.

Should you hire a property management company for your rental or do it yourself?

This is strictly your choice. A responsible landlord is interested in not only renting property, but is also interested in how that rental can affect the entire community and neighborhood. (This helps preserve your investment.) For example, some condominiums require that owners screen tenants with complete background and financial checks, check references and past housing records, provide names of all persons expected to occupy the premises, obtain proof of insurance, automobile details and so forth. If you want to investigate prospective tenants at this level, regardless of the type of property you want to rent, then you can do it yourself. If, however, you want to deal with people on a more informed basis, you could hire a company to screen potential tenants and then choose one from the list of candidates who passes your screening criteria.

Why should a manager want to adhere to legislation regarding the health and safety of employees?

A manager should want to adhere to legislation regarding the health and safety of employees to keep the employees healthy and safe, to maintain productivity, to avoid fines for the company, and to keep from going to jail.

When an employee says to there manager.you are horrendous .how should the manager handle the situation?

That would depend on the context that the person was speaking in. If it does not interfere with the quality of the work that is being done by that person or with your ability to maintain order on the workshop floor, you have a reasonable option in requesting that the employee refrain from saying that sort of thing to you as it may interfere with your authority with the other workers. Or else you could just give him the boot.

What should you do before restarting the system if an application is not working properly?

Be sure to save all your important data to another media(CD, DVD, or external hard drive) before restarting your computer.

How managers should behave to motivate and control employees?

To motivate and control employees, managers should use a motivation based on that particular industry or business and also based on the employee themselves. Some employees need very gentle motivation and others need to be under pressure to work their best.

What initiatives should be taken by the top management to increase satisfaction levels among employees?

if employee satisfaction is driven by salary then there wouldn't be any job hopping,creating a healthy work environment is the major challenge to employers these days. employee satisfaction level depends on following things *participatory work culture *degree of autonomy *recognition and appraisal *developing a sense of belongingness towards the organisation. *making them feel that they are important to the organisation.

What three groups of employees should receive training on antidiscrimination and antisexual harassment policies?

Conduct high-quality training, including refresher training, on antidiscrimination and antisexual harassment policies and practices for three groups: employees, managers, and supervisors.

Who trains employees?

If the employee requires training to carry out his or her dutiesthen the employer will do or should so.

Which property management company should you choose in Chicago IL?

We went with Group Fox Property and will never go with anyone but them from here on out. They're great. Here's their information, you should give them a call. Group Fox Property Management 2600 West Montrose Avenue Chicago, IL 60618 (773) 267-5600 ‎

Do you thin a manager should consider stress when setting stretch goals for employees?

a manager has to be skill-bound to receive a good rapport with employees. he should have the vision to keep employees happy.everything should be group bound.banks like hsbc give a modern perspective to work and keep customers happy.that's their primary objective.banks like state bank have a traditional and conservative attitude.that leads to a conservative and laid back family with no interest in life. by vaibhav aksh

Should companies provide in training and development for employees?

They should if they are progressive companies. There are also safety aspects which companies must adhere to.

What do you do when your management system fails and your employees don't do what they are supposed to do?

You have choices: . If you can't change things and can't see an effective leader, find another job . If you have the ability to change things, lead the group, set a direction, set priorities, set job descriptions and a million other things.

What is a prerequisite before an employee manager or contractor is permitted to access DOD systems?

The DoD (Department of Defense) policy is that training will be a prerequisite before an employee, manager, or contractor is permitted to access DoD systems, and that such training is now mandatory for affected DoD military personnel, employees and managers, and shall include contractors and business partners.

Why is Digital Training Management System - DTMS - important to the army?

The Army takes great pride in their recently upgraded DigitalTraining Management System or DTMS. This program is important tothe Army because it is designed to train- the-trainer.

Should team management be a focus when hiring employees?

Yes, it is important that team management be a focal point evaluated when hiring employees. Most industries today operate in a team oriented environment and it is important for an individual to be personable and friendly to ensure together everyone achieves more.

Why should employees know how often ohs systems are assessed?

Because a committee doesn't have statutory power to enforce the decisions or recommendations it makes - it is largely advisory. Therefore, for a committee to have credibility with the workers it represents, it is essential that workers be kept fully informed of its activities and progress. Keeping workers informed also helps maintain awareness and interest.

What are the functions of the property management system?

The property management system integrated to help lower costs, increase revenues, and provide better services to the customer, property management systems are a popular resource for hospitality companies.

Does a kitchen manager have the right to suspend an employee or should it come from the GM?

A 'kitchen manager' has whatever powers their own boss has granted to them. If that includes the power to hire, fire and discipline, then so be it. The employee certainly has the right to appeal the suspension and take the matter to the general manager.

Should managers inform employees that their Web behavior is being monitored. Or should managers monitor secretly?

manager should inform employees that their web activities are controled in order for the employees to know what they should do and what they should not this is also good to inform them to make the tearm of contrac crealy

When should employees recevive food safety training?

Most of the restaurants and other employers prefer to haveemployees that already gone through food safety training. But thereare still a few that isn't strict with this.

Why guest registration procedure used property management system?

Most of the hotel today used it in managing their hotel because it gives efficient management, easy and friendly operation, and flexible customized configuration.

What is property management system and why you need that?

A system that tracks the actions performed in managing any of theproperties, either your assets, hospitals, government or any otheraccomodation. This single system (software) favors the benefits offinishing the work much faster. - You can track on your day to day activities with the saas. - You don't have to look in for any of the resources to find theinformation of real estae. i.e., the current management of any ofthe properties, staging, tenant screening and satisfction, etc. Such a property management software does all the favor in bringingup the success for realtors/property managers :) For more, you could also check on Integra Property ManagementBackoffice to make the property mangement services easier!

A prerequisite before an employee manager or contractor is permitted to access DoD systems?

The DoD (Department of Defense) policy is that training will be a prerequisite before an employee, manager, or contractor is permitted to access DoD systems, and that such training is now mandatory for affected DoD military personnel, employees and managers, and shall include contractors and business partners.

What does digital training management system track?

The Digital Training Management System, or DTMS, tracks trainingperformance. Commanders use this with soldiers and units to keeptrack of their training.

What is an Employee Relationship Management system used for?

The Employee Relationship Management system is used for maintaining a companies interactions between a company and its employees. The goal of it is to keep track of all interactions to make sure of a happy and healthier work environment.

What should a manager write to grant his employee a request leave -out?

The manager should ask the HR department to deal with this request but signal his ascent to the HR department if he wishes to do so.

What types of organizations might use a property management system?

Real estate tycoons and banks will use property management systems to coordinate all of their holdings. Lawfirms may use them as well as local courts in relation to title searches.

Where can one purchase property management systems?

If someone wanted to purchase property management systems there are a variety of places where someone can do so. Some of these places are Hotel Gears, Hotel Ogix and Property management System Guide.

What is the leading training management system software?

The leading training management system software can be found on the website of intuit. Intuit offers a free trial of QuickBooks online. This makes inventory simple with online access with real-time information.

What kinds of training should be offered to employees when a new information system is being implemented?

The employees should be retrained on how to use the new system whena new information system is being implemented.