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Why salt should be used with moderation?

  Salt is needed in the diet, but a well-balanced diet already contains enough salt.   Salt = table salt = sodium chloride (This answer also refers to sea salt.)   S

Why should sugar be used in moderation?

Table sugar is a simple carbohydrate. Other than having caloric content, refiined sugar adds no nutritional value. Instead, if not immediately used for energy ( by an active p

Should Gwen Ifill be a political moderator?

  Yes. Ifill is a respected journalist with experience moderating debates. She moderated the 2004 Vice-presidential debate between Republican Dick Cheney and Democrat John

What is moderate for?

A moderator eg, on club penguin is a special penguin (person) who watches over the penguins to see if they are been bad behaviour, These moderators work for club penguin a

What is a moderator?

A moderator is someone who keeps an internet chat or forum safe.  The official definition is arbitrator or mediator.

How can I be an moderator?

You want to become a moderator in club penguin? Better hope your over 18 because to become a moderator you need to do a training test and work for club penguin

What is moderated?

, A moderator is a sub form of leader Eg. On a chat room there is Owner, Moderator, Member and guest. A moderator Moderates the chat room for any bad behaviour, But this

Why should sodium be consumed in moderation?

Too much of anything is poison.This true with sodium(salt) too.It is essential for the body and taste of food.As you know too much of salt spoil taste of any food.Usually body
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Why should you drink alcohol in moderation?

Well, because: 1) Intoxication leads to wrong doing, law-breaking and confusion/being unfocused. It changes the way you think and too much leads to you unknowingly doing stu
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Why should eggs be beaten on moderation?

I shouldn't think you are at risk of the SPCA visiting you for immoderately beating eggs...probably the worst that will come of it would be a meringue that is too stiff or sep