What is a sodium hydroxide solution?

Answer . A sodium hydroxide solutin is some amount of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) dissolved in pure water (H 2 O), written NaOH (aq) or Na + (aq) + OH - (aq) (where aq is (MORE)
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What pH is sodium hydroxide solution?

Sodium Hydroxide is a very strong base and a 50% solution has a PH over 14. If you dilute it down to only 3.88% you will begin to see PH results under 14. If You dilute it all (MORE)

What is the formula for sodium hydroxide solution?

NaOH and H2O form a solution of Na + (aq) and OH - (aq) ions (the solvent water, aq, is written as subscripted (aq) ) To make 1 Normal solution you need to know the (MORE)

How would OH- in an ammonia solution compare with OH- in a sodium hydroxide solution of similar concentration?

They both have the same concentration, but NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide) is more basic than NH4OH (Ammonium Hydroxide), because it breaks apart in H2O more easily. The OH-'s on both (MORE)

What is the Formula for Ammonia cleaning solution?

Ammonia is NH 3 but it's generally mixed in with water,which is H 2 O. Concentrated ammonia solutions run 25%-30%ammonia and are very potent. Most cleaning solutions are abou (MORE)