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Why the water cycle would not be complete id condensation does not take place?

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What state in the water cycle comes after condensation?

THE WATER CYCLE Step 1: Water is evaporated by the Sun's heat. Step 2: Water rises above, hot air rises above cold air because it is less dense. Step 3: It forms into water

What does condensation mean in the water cycle?

Condensation is the process by which water vapor, as a gas, condenses into liquid water. This is the basis for clouds forming and various forms of precipitation such as rain,

What is condensation in a water cycle?

Condensation in the water cycle because the water that was evaporated is changing back into a liquid form.

Why does condensation it have to do with water cycle?

Condensation is water turning from water vapor (gas) into its liquid form. This happens in rain clouds. Clouds are water vapor and when there is too much vapor or it is cool