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Why there is Separate accounts receivable information for each costumer is important it reveals all of the following except?

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Accounts Payable related all information how to do the accounts payable?

Basically there are various methods of accounts payables and differ from company to company. most of the petty cash expenses are paid in cash and other payament is made throug

Hudson explored all the following except?

If you just thought about it, it would present itself... but the  answer is Arctic Ocean, because he had to explore the Hudson Bay,  it was a bay named after Henry Hudson! S

Explain the usage and the importance of accounting information?

According to my mind that the consumption and linking required for Information technology is specially used for business just to quoting and de quoting for material and other

What is importance of accounting information for a business entity?

  There are various importance of accounting information to a business entity. Getting to know what an accounting information is and the importance (need) of it is a great

What is the importance of computer accounting information systems?

It speeds the bookkeeping process and increases accuracy thereby reducing labor costs. But most importantly, a computerized accounting system is a powerful tool, allowing you