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Why use oxygen tent for baby?

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How do you use tentative in a sentence?

I was tentative of the question on the board. We made tentative plans to meet next Thursday and agreed to speak again on Monday to confirm them.

How does the baby get oxygen?

The baby doesn't take its first breath until he/she is born, that's why its a big deal when the baby doesn't cry right away when born. yes they do

Where to use an A frame tent?

I would say on flat ground due to the face that the poles must be  kept straight in order to work well
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What are the dangers in using a crib tent?

A crib tent, a mesh structure that covers the opening of a baby's crib, does have some dangers. In 2008 a 2 year old boy was strangled to death when trying to get out of the c
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What are the advantages of using a wenger tent over a regular tent?

Wenger tents are regarded as one of the best tents available for purchase today and therefore carry a higher price tag. However you do get a very high quality tent for your