Why use oxygen tent for baby?

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How do you use the word tentative in a sentence?

The ambassador made the first tentative moves toward peace between the two countries. After a month at his new school, the boy still seemed shy and tentative about meeting

Use tentative in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences. . That is just a tentative agreement. . The party is tentative; I'll call later when we have firmer plans. . He was tentative about goin
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Where is it possible to do tent camping in the US?

Tent camping can be done at any of the many campsites that are around the US. They are all owned by individuals and so it is advisable to contact ahead of time to book the ten
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What are the advantages of using a wenger tent over a regular tent?

Wenger tents are regarded as one of the best tents available for purchase today and therefore carry a higher price tag. However you do get a very high quality tent for your