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Why was Jackson's use of veto call negative activism?

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Can the US president veto a law?

NO- the President can not veto or change a law that has been passed. He can veto a proposed law, known as a bill, and send it back to Congress. They can still make it a law, b

When can the pocket veto be used?

    It can be used when the president doesn't want to veto a bill but he doesn't want it to be a law. If he doesn't sign it for 10 days once Congress has approved it,

What did Jackson's veto of the Bank of the Untied States recharter bill represent?

I am not sure what you mean by "represented". His veto was based on his long-standing position that this 2nd bank of the US was an agency which helped to establish a ruling cl

Can the president of the US veto an amendment?

No- the President can not veto an proposed amendment. It is not a law . Article 5 of the constitution makes this clear, but in case it was not clear enough the Supreme Court

Why did Jackson's veto of the bank recharter appeal so strongly to the masses?

The bank was a part of the east coast establishment. It received deposits from the federal government but otherwise operated like a private bank, making loans to individuals a

How many vetos did Obama use?

In the first six years of his presidency, President Obama issued  only two vetoes, one of the lowest numbers of any president. This  was because Sen Harry Reid stopped the S